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Casting should give stereo audio

I noticed after trying casting, audio isn't even stereo. This ruins recording purposes. Maybe it's intentional, but there should then be an option for either. Something like this should be easy to implement, so please Oculus devs. Also another issue ...

Kabosun by Explorer
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Apps wont install

Hey! When using my oculus quest 2 for mixed reality do I have to rebuy the apps I already own in the enabled link where the oculus is running as the rift? I'm in the enabled link but its only prompting me to purchase and reinstall the apps I already ...

Resolved! Re-purchase a game

Hi. I am new with VR, so Quest 2 is my first VR. I just bought 4 days ago.I install the Oculus app on my PC and bought Beat saber and a lot of Beat saber music packs. When I started my OQ2, I was askes to buy Beat Saber again ?!?! Why? I am confused?...

Keranov by Explorer
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PIN not able to reset

I spent 6-8 hours with support trying to reset my PIN #.They could not sort it out. I did tons of factory resets, deleted my app, you name it I did it. The one thing I should have done was sent my NEW Quest 2 back.Firstly I never set up a pin number....

vr won't connect to my laptop

Hello, Last week I bought a Oculus Quest 2 but unfortunately I have had some problems in trying to link it to my laptop (Asus ROG Strix G15 G513QM-HF070T). I tried connecting the Quest 2 using airlink but it didn't work so I bought an Oculus cable. A...

Roosschol by Honored Guest
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Hi guys , help please, my oculus is just loading, battery life is full, did factory resetting and it just does the same anyone had the same problem

App sharing

I had to return my old oculus quest 2, and got a new one. It will not let me share apps on the new device without disabling the app sharing on the old oculus quest 2. How do I resolve this? Thank you so much!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 Link Cable not Working

So I have the official Link Cable and my pc is vr-ready (did 3 tests), when I first recieved the link cable it worked flawlessly until it stopped working all of a sudden. I had to return it because of internal issues and got a replacement (2 months l...

Resolved! Silicone Cover Wide Won't fit

Hello, I received the "fit Pack" narrow and wide silicon cover today, and it will not fit around my interface at all. I am using the replacement interface that Oculus sent me, but it will not go on. The nose guard area can't allow for the silicon cov...

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Can't install games on my headset

Getting this error message went I try to install thought Oculus store I checked my device it is connect thought Air Link not the cable For some odd reason I try connect it by cable and will not connected I have is plug in the USB 3 I have no idea why...

Screenshot 2021-09-30 023730.png
dragenxx by Honored Guest
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Arm to short / controller sensitivity

Is it possible to adjust sensitivity of the controllers. I find it hard to reach some things in games. I play in a pretty small area just enough to fully expand my arms which works fine until I have to lean in to reach something in game. It would be ...

Tacotim27 by Honored Guest
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USB Cable not Recognized By Oculus Link?

Having problems with USB Link on your Quest 2? So was I and Oculus support was useless. As always, Reddit found the solution. Make sure Air Link is disabled in both your headset and PC Oculus app and then try it. If everything else is configured OK, ...

Connecting Quest 2 to pc

Hello, I am getting my Oculus Quest 2 tomorrow and was thinking about modding beat saber. For that I have to connect it my PC. I was wondering if I have to use oculus own link cable or can I use any type of usb-c cable? I don't have the link cable an...

OzckarK by Honored Guest
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bug lag fre

hello everyone I try to play medal of honor on my oculus quest 2 and when I get to the menu to launch it I have a lot of freeze and bug especially the games have a running time especially with my hands and his same thing for steam vr someone can help...

Zomby2001 by Honored Guest
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Dating In oculus quest

I want to know why the heck there are not any dating apps in oculus quest. I mean facebook owns oculus, do you mean to tell me thereare no developers that can set up a dating app? I would do it myself but I do not know how to program stuff.

Resolved! Oculus warranty? Really not a warranty!

But my wife and oculus quest two end of December last year. It had a Wi-Fi problem from the start. We put up with it for a while and finally decided we needed to get it fixed. I went through the trouble of submitting it for warranty. 36 emails just t...

tn1215 by Explorer
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Prices cheaperin US

Hi there,I am wishing to purchase a oculus quest 2. I went to go by one and realized that it was £299 in the uk and $299 in the us. If you dont know $299 is about £220. All i want to know is why its cheaper in the us and also is there a way I can get...