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Really frustrated

So i just put 75 bucks on a prepaid card so i could get some games and it just won’t take my card, It’s saying my Zip code is wrong when everything is correct and quadruple checked, And i even made sure the money is on the card already. Extremely fru...

Kyxnnn by Level 2
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360 photos have black vertical line

Hi Community, This is my firs time posting in the forum so apologies in advance if I am not doing it properly! I am creating 360 photos using my mirrorless camera and stitching the photos on my PC. I export the photo with a 2:1 ratio, 5400x2700 pixel...

pqueroc by Level 2
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About adapter

I actually brought the game from U.S and I live in india so the voltage here is 240 voltes and so I wanted to ask will the default adapter work in india or not

Menu de l'oculus quest 2

Bonjour, Où puis je trouver de l'aide pour le menu de l'oculus quest 2 svp?J'ai du mal à me repérer et à trouver quelque chose.Je trouve le menu horrible, pas convivial, pas intuitif, etc...Je passe des heures à chercher comment faire quelque chose, ...

Oculus sudden battery deterioration

Ok so like a week ago I was getting a good normal 2 hours of game time on my oculus quest 2. But then 2 days ago it plummeted to like and hour. Mind you it wasn’t like gradually is was all of a sudden. Is this happening to anybody else or is it just ...

Monthly Pay

I am really interested to buy the oculus Quest 2 and I am only earning £40.00 a month and I do not feel like saving up for a year to get the headset, Is there any way I can but this headset and pay monthly instead of paying all in one go

HakimVR by Level 2
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Resolved! Silicone Cover

I ordered my free silicone cover on 7/27/21. Most of my friends, and people online have all received there's. I have not, I can't find any tracking information or ETA time other than 1 month. It has now been 35 days, some of my friends got theirs wit...

Lailaic by Level 2
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Quest 2 PCVR issue

I keep running into this problem when trying to play pcvr on my quest 2. The games I load up are always laggy and next to unplayable, and I have tried multiple things to try to fix this problem and nothing seems to work. I have a RTX2080 and an i7-87...

Oculus link acting wierd

When I use Link to connect my Headset to my PC it bugs out. At first everything looks okay, but after a while everything starts to move spatically, and error messages pop up. Video showing link messing up

Weird right lens issue

So just the other day I noticed when using my Quest 2 that the right side is acting up. So imagine you are wearing your Quest and the left side edge is round as normal but the right is either straight or even curves inward at times. It's very strange...

Aucun audio pour le casque

Bonjour, Quelqu'un sait comment régler ce problème ? ça m'arrive seulement en étant connecté en LINK, toutes le vérifications possible ont été faite sur les périphériques audio, merci de votre aide.

link800 by Level 2
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Camera compatible

Hi, now i’m using vr oculus quest2. So i’d like to know that are there any action camera can be compatible with ? And what brand do you reccommend? Thank you

muktui by Level 2
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Controller lost tracking

So i was playing echo vr, and i dropped my controller on my carpet pretty light kinda hard, and now its just floating i can press buttons i cant move it its lost tracking. how would i fix that i factory reset it, i cleaned my lenses i unpaired it and...

Luney- by Level 2
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