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Recording in the Quest 2 request.

Dear Facebook/Oculus,Would it be possible (and if so, could you do it) to move/add the record and screenshot feature from Home to Dash. I like to record PCVR content (MSFS in my case) whilst in game. But right now it’s kind of clumsy.I have to to sta...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Creating Interactive VR Tours

Hi everyone! I am a marine science educator developing some VR field trips to our coast for underserved middle school students. I have some Oculus Quest 2 headsets that will be loaned out to schools so that students can interactively and virtually vi...

arlojones by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 controller issue in app

I bought a new oculus quest 2, just got it yesterday. For the most part, it works fine. But for some reason when I load an app, the controllers are unable to click on anything. The controller seems to be recognized, I am able to point to things, but ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Stuck on Usb update mod

I enjoyed request 2 without any problem yesterday, and I turned off the power after charging it. But the next day, strangely, there was no battery, so when I charged it, I suddenly saw a usb update mod. Whatever I choose, I can't turn off the power o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lack of content

So, with the amount of interest Facebook has put into other departments, and the fact that they are leading the VR boom in America, wouldn't you think they would have some decent content? They have the desktop intrigration but it could be so much mor...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Audio is choppy

Whenever I connect my quest 2 to my pc the audio is extremely choppy even though the game itself isnt laggy and my computer is fine. This kinda frustrates me cuz it makes it totally impossible to hear sound effects and makes it unbearable to even pla...

Skyarmor by Honored Guest
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Ok i bought Boneworks through the oculus store in the headset, linked to my pc. So far it is my favorite game ive played, but after i noticed this trigger delay issue its become seriously not fun for me to play. I mean i cant even shoot 2 bullets in ...

Quest 2 64gb same price as 128gb

I was one of the last people to get the 64gb version of the quest 2. A day after I got it, it got removed everywhere. Then they came out with the 128gb model. I find it really unfair and inconvenient. I have bought a ton of games from your store and ...

Resolved! Oculus quest 2 tracking not working

I posted once about my oculus quest and didnt get any answers, so I sold it. Of course I got an answer as soon as I sold it. But, good news, I got a oculus quest 2. So. I was playing Rec Room and my headset accidently fell out of my head and onto my ...

Disable hand controller in-game VR images?

I use often use the Quest 2 to fly VR in X-Plane (and it is an amazing experience! I'm just about to spend a small fortune in fact upgrading my PC in order to maximise the joys of this: buying the Oculus Quest was only the start of the expense!). Onc...

Playing steam games on oculus app

Hi ! I'm interested in buying an oculus quest 2, but I was wondering if it was possible to play games from your steam library on your oculus without using the virtual desktop.For example, beat saber is available on steam and on the oculus store, so i...

trakix by Honored Guest
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No registered devices

I'm trying to get the replacement silicone interface for my Quest 2, but I can't start the process, I click the "go to my devices" in the email and it redirects me to the devices page on the oculus website where it says "An Oculus device isn't regist...

"STAR WARS: Squadrons" & Oculus Home

I know "STAR WARS: Squadrons" [SWS] isn't available in the Oculus PC app.And I am SO not a fan of the SteamVR version: too many headaches. It's my understanding the EA/Origin SWS is the only version with "native Oculus support".Does this mean that if...

CaryMGVR by Expert Protege
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K830 and Quest 2 firmware v33

After the v33 update, the keyboard K830 is visible only on the sofa and not on the desktop.it affects also the Horizon Workspace app: it stays all the time in ‘looking for keyboard’, but the keyboard is connected.Is there anybody else that have the s...

desktop not working

i just got a cord to run games off my pc and when i load of the virtual desktop off oculus link it dont work i can see my desktop and switch between my 2 monitors but i cant click anything with my controllers. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling ...