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Help me pls

Hi everyone, I just got oculus, but I have a problem, I can’t add my cart to payment, five my carts different banks doesn’t work system texted me that “ we couldn’t do a transaction on this account” I don’t know why, maybe it’s problem the system Occ...

Oculus Quest 2 crashing SteamVR on airlink

Hello all, I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to get this working, I have tried many different routes such as re-installing both steamVR and oculus' software. I have updated my drivers and I'm on the latest version of windows, I've tried beta ver...

OllieJ by Level 2
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I can’t add payment

Hi everyone, I just got oculus, but I have a problem, I can’t add my cart to payment, five my carts different banks doesn’t work system texted me that “ we couldn’t do a transaction on this account” I don’t know why, maybe it’s problem the system Occ...

Air Link finds PC on WiFi, not on ethernet

Hi all, I just picked up Quest 2, and am trying to get air link to work. The headset searches for my home PC endlessly with no luck. I plugged a USB WiFi adapter into my PC and the headset found my PC with no trouble. Performance is not great. (as I ...

Nerwal by Level 3
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RESOLVED: Cannot create 10M guardian

I have 2 Quest 2s and both running v32 won't allow guardians to go more than what seems to be 5Mx5M. When I try to make a 10M guardian, it seems to putter out around 5M in one direction. It just stops painting. It simply won't allow a larger space. R...

Wooties by Level 3
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3 dots fix that worked for me

Last weekend I went to a robotics competition. For my entry I use a Quest2 to display an Azure Kinect point cloud so the person controlling the robot remotely can have presence with the robot. Before the competition there were two setup days. Everyth...

Face covering

I don't know if this is the right place for this question so if it isn't please accept my apology. I was sent n email on the 27th of July saying my face mask needed replacing and follow the link. I proceeded to do that but have had two further emails...

Resolved! Quest 2 functional without cameras?

For those concerned with privacy since it's probably easy to hack into the quest cameras I imagine just as an Android device. Is it possible to cover the cameras and still use the headset in some fashion?.

aguy10 by Level 7
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Hardware level oculus link

The one thing i would love to see from the next quest is a hardware level oculus link with the option to use the og link or air link input lag sucks i would pay a little extra with hardware level oculus link and what i mean by hardware level is displ...

Need to change pin number

Just set up new oculus quest 2 and all went well until we tried to purchase a game. Error message said pin incorrect. Tried to change pin, but email from odious did not deliver to my email?

oculus not connecting

I have the oculus quest 2 and my computer has the correct graphics card and correct usb-c cable,but in the oculus app it says graphics card not compatible. Not sure what's going on.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Display Blank During Air Link Game On Quest 2

I have linked with my PC with Air Link. Things are fine till I try to use the Google Earth VR Game (or any other). The screen is blank. I hear the audio, and I can see it on my PC. I have a strong 5G wifi signal, a high end computer with a good GPU. ...

IPD widget popup

Hi!As many my IPD widget is popping up all the time while playing and oculus seems to ignore the problem any solution appart entering a command code every time?


I had my Quest 2 now for 4 days, and me and my wife are finding it very blurry. We've adjusted the head strap and lenses but still no joy, any help would be appreciated...

Bug report

The native app dialog of Android - not exposed through the user interface but accessible through sideloaded apps such as settings apps - has three buttons: Stop app, clear app cache, clear app data. Since firmware 32, the button to clear the app data...

Issue with controller on quest 2 not working

I had a problem with my oculus quest 2 controller for about a year it wouldn’t connect to my headset i tried every thing I could to possibly fix it when that didn’t work I went to oculus support and they told me instructions I already did and when th...

Jed999 by Level 2
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Oculus Link Not Working

Hi, I was hoping if anyone could help me with this issue. Recently when trying to play games with Link on the Oculus Quest 2, the games don't come up. It just leaves me in my library where I can select my games. For some reason, I can still hear the ...

K0lab by Level 2
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Vrchat Visual glitch

Ever since the previous software update ive been having this weird heat wave/ water looking effect in vrchat where lines and stuff are bending and pull when i move the headset and the controller cursor over everything. I have a video attachment to sh...

lGhostt by Level 2
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Gamer Mom needs help

Hi! My son loves his oculus quest 2 and I'm looking for some accessories to get him for Christmas (he's 10) loves beat saber and rec room and a few others I can't remember 