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Oculus for Christmas

I bought my son an Oculus Quest for Christmas and we have been trying for two days to get Rec Room to install with no luck. It gets about a quarter of the way through and then stops and we have to start the install over again. The only thing he has b...

Tremor in fs2020

I am having image tremors when starting a vertical movement, when I move my head up and down, I would define it as that the oculus have too much sensitivity to that movement. Is it possible to configure that degree of sensitivity? I have tried all ki...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Youtube/Netflix while playing a game.

So, I was wondering, if I could watch movies on youtube or netflix while also using other apps on the Quest 2?Specifically, I need the video to be pinned to the screen while I'm doing other stuff in games.Is this possible within the Quest 2 features ...

honkVR by Level 2
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hello.friends send mi refling but i buy from another friends and icant realizacion bonuss idont now how activate my google

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Store purchase

I purchased Beat saber + imagine Dragons and it's not showing up in my App Library on my quest 2 It show I have purchased it. The Not installed shows 0 how do I get it installed on my devise?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Changing Account Email

Hi, I am trying to change the account email on my account to a different email. I enter the new email and then enter the code sent. The confirmation email that is supposed to be sent to the new email never goes through. What do I do? I have tried wit...

SamGio by Level 2
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WiFi on Oculus Quest 2 just broken

Hey everyone!I received my first Quest 2 on release date and did the setup, during the setup, my Quest already just randomly disconnected from wifi (after the update was done and it had restarted). No wifi would show up in networks and even after cre...


I am playing the spiderman homecoming game, and as soon as i get into the gameplay, an hourglass pops up and the game shuts down, anyone that can help please answer asap

Jakehy by Level 2
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password and pin

I am trying to buy a game. I do not have pin. I tried forgot pin and need password. I have entered my Facebook PIN which is correct and still not working. Help!!!

Oculus 2 store help

Hello, so I have I have gotten a Oculus Quest 2 and I am using an Oculus link cable for it. I purchased some games on the Oculus store on pc. These games: Blades and Sorcery and Beat Saber. However, they only show when I am using the Oculus link. How...

Multi Headset Household

Hello, I had an Oculus quest 2 and we just bought 2 more for our Children. I made my accnt the main accnt on Both of their headsets, but I can only app share with 1 at a time. So for both of them to have access to all of the games I bought, I have to...