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Pre sized guardians

With the release of space pirate arena, please make it easier to create large guardians. Why not either have pre sized guardians eg: 4mx4m, 5mx3m etc or have a width/length field where we could set up a size. Then simply use the controller to center/...

plamoth by Level 3
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I've been trying to install a game called SAIL from App Lab. It shows up in the headset under the "Uninstalled" section. I click it to install and it starts downloading. When it gets close to the size it needs to download it switches to "installing" ...

Resolved! Quest 2 Elite Strap Broken

I've had my Quest 2 and the Elite Strap for just under 2 months. I got the Elite Strap specifically from Currys/PC World online in the Quest 2 Elite Strap bundle and the Elite Strap had a crack on it within the first month, I thought it was nothing d...

Resolved! Broken quest 2 elite strap

Bought the elite strap for quest 2 on 23/1/21 had for nearly 2 months . Noticed a split on right side and it then broke into two parts, poor quality, Took it back to Argos with a full refund given . Don't recommend until problem is sorted.

Quest 2 Mic Volume too loud in standalone

I see a lot of posts with low volume but I'm actually having the opposite problem. When streaming or playing games, the mic (not connected to PC) is way too sensitive. It can hear my breathing and voice far too loud. Is there anyway I can adjust it? ...

Laptop Compatibility

My laptop has an AMD RYZEN 5 5000 series and a Geforce MX450. Is that good enough? I mostly plan on getting an Oculus for VR to play Minecraft in VR and only secondary things like Beat Saber or other games geared towards being playable in VR.

Mr_M_ by Level 2
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i have just upgraded from rift s to quest 2 and now the occulus setup wants me to plug in my rift sensorswhich i do not use with the quest 2 and my touch controllers are not found tried reinstalling oculus but same againany ideas please

Purchasing Oculus as retailer

Dear Concern, Greetings from Bangladesh, This is Yusuf, Brand manager of Multimedia Kingdom, an IT product selling organization in Bangladesh. We want to buy few oculus products. Please, let me know the process and other details. And also pls send me...

Seriously?! I gotta ask.

So, not even 6 months ago, after wrecking my brain (and budget), I decide to purchase the 64gb over the 128gb Quest 2 for $299. And wouldn't you know it, today I see an ad on FB saying the 128gb version is now being sold for the same $299 as the 64gb...

Oculus Quest 2 controller button doesnt work

My quest 2 left controller X button has stopped working i havent dropped it or bump something to it and the last time i used it was fine but after some day i used it but then i noticed that i cant use X button i tried to remove the battery and wait o...

RHBJun by Level 2
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Controller not Vibrating.

I was recently playing Beat Saber when I accidentally hit the two controllers together (not like a slam, more like a little touch) this has happened before, and it's possible that i maybe nicked something in the controller, but i went back to play, t...