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Pairing my mobile app with Quest headset

I have been unable to pair my mobile app to Quest 1 headset. Very frustrating. I go through the whole procedure (good WiFi, headset nearby etc) and when I get to the 5 digit number in the headset, it never shows up. Thanks for any help with this.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Enabling Developer Mode in new update

Having issues locating the developer options in the new update? No worries, here is a step-by-step guide with the updated instructions. (These instructions are providing you have the headset and oculus app all set-up)Step 1: Go to developer.oculus.co...

blazeka15 by Honored Guest
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Stationary Mode not selectable

Hello, I have a new Oculus Quest 2 / 128 GB with all updates. I would like to use the stationary mode but its not possible to click on the button to confirm. The Button is there but not full blue, so I cant click on it and If I do, nothing happends. ...

Ryker1306 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 Bluetooth Stopped Working??

I got my headset, did all the setups. Then I did Virtual Desktop and was playing Pavlov, then the game just stopped working out of nowhere and gave me that Bluetooth stopped working pop up. Can't take it off, nothing works, says I'm not logged into i...

OGThor by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 game says syncing

Fruit Ninja says syncing so I can't play it anymore. After about a day, I did a factory reset and had to reinstall everything. Issue fixed. Went to play again later that day, and same problem. Can't play because it says syncing. Other apps are fine.

knickfan1 by Honored Guest
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Syncing issue

several apps are in a permanent syncing status. I can bypass this issue by opening the app from the "achievements" tab, but this is not available for any app. 10 GB free and rebooting does not solve this issue.What can I do without losing my saved da...

Game not syncing

Hi , does anyone know how to get a game to sync as it's only one of the games that keeps saying syncing and doesn't load. Everytime I go back into the game it loses all the money and gear I brought in the last game. The head set keeps saying it's not...

SharonT71 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Sales Department

Good Day, I am a catalog specialist at South Africa's top rated IT Distributor/e-tailer. We have been trying to get in touch with someone from Oculus/Facebook to establish a business relationship and import products such as the Quest line to South Af...

Watching Cable TV on Oculus Quest

I'm trying to watch my Cox Cable service on my Oculus 2. Cox has a app that's lets me watch TV on any wireless device. I realize I can't load my Cox Contour App onto Quest 2, but how can I mirror my Samsung phone onto my Quest 2 goggles. Thx Geoffrey

Oculus Link work with sensors

So I was having some issues with tracking while using oculus link to play some games on my pc. So I was wondering if I could use the sensors for the rift along with the tracking to get a better more precise tracking for while I use the oculus link fu...

fab193 by Honored Guest
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VR purchased

Hello I’m from South Africa and I’m interested in purchasing Oculus Quest 2 but it’s very expensive online in our county I wanted to ask how can I get it straight from your online store to South Africa because in South Africa it’s around 14 000-20 00...

Trizzie90 by Honored Guest
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Cannot cast to TV (Chromecast)

This worked OK last week, but had a chat with Oculus Support yesterday and had to factory reset my headset (Quest 2). May be a coincidence, but now, though I've reset everything to how it was, when I go to Sharing and try to cast to the Home TV, I ge...

Pre Order Quest 2 South Africa

Hi, where do I pay/buy/pre-order the Quest 2? Oh yes, for South Africa. I can pay for it and have it delivered to me, but I am unable to pre-order the Quest 2, as it keeps asking me for a delivery address and South Africa isn't an option. help please

JaunThony by Honored Guest
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Air link laggy when playing games

Whenever I try and use air link to play a game it becomes really laggy not being able to turn my head without only seeing the black borders however when I'm in the air link menu it works fine and I can't figure out why it's lagging in games My dynami...

Blankxyy by Honored Guest
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My headset lost the game

For some reason I had to reboot my system and I had population one on there that my son had bought and when I rebooted it it was gone and his account was gone too and that's what the game was on so I lost the game

So let me get this straight

Am I to assume every single time there's a new line of Oculus hardware that I'm going to just be told to buy all my games again if I even humor the idea of buying another headset?As a CV1 owner and now a Quest 2 owner I'm genuinely tempted to return ...

Scege by Honored Guest
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