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Download Oculus software

Hello! I keep trying to download the oculus software for my quest 2 bcs i want to play some pc vr games but everytime i download it says that something went wrong and i should restart my computer and then try again. I've done it now like 8 times and ...


hello- can somebody help me? when i try to use oculus air link to play games my quest doesnt connect.

Mobile Device Management Options (MDM)

I have a large enterprise customer that is looking for a VR solution for virtual learning and I can see that these devices support MobileIron and Workspace One. They are wanting to know if Microsoft Intune (New name - Microsoft Endpoint Manager) will...

Link & Air Link disable game's 'Enable VR'.

Hi. I have a real problem launching X-Plane 11 in my Quest 2 headset. I use a cable to the headset, but if I enable Air Link, I get the same problem. This is, in essence, my procedure: 1. Start up Oculus app on my PC2. Launch Oculus Link in my headse...


i had acidenty used a refferal code on one of my family members playing around with it is there anyway i can take back a refferal so i can send it to a friend that is thinking of getting one

DOA Quest 2 Unit & Serial Number Mismatch

Hey there, I currently have a ticket in for review but was curious if this has happened to anyone else. I purchased my first Quest 2 yesterday. I was super excited to finally get into VR after playing with some friends. Got home and unpackaged everyt...

Permissions and DLNA servers

Has anyone else had issues recently with gaining access to DLNA servers that they have set up? I have my PC set up to stream videos and use several of the VR video players like Devo and SkyBox as well as Pigasus to view the videos. Until just recentl...

Can’t download or load games

For the love of god. I need some help. It’s been months and I just gave up but I’m tired of it. Yes I’ve checked the internet. Yes I’ve restarted it. I even deleted all my games and rebooted the whole system. Why can’t I download or load anything? Pl...

"Restart Computer" Can't install Oculus app...

Got my Quest 2 yesterday, then went to install the oculus app, it downloaded the 5GB of files, and then got stuck halfway through the install. I checked task manager and it said suspended, so I resumed it, and it went to about 3/4 of the way through ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus has my headset for over 40+ days now

So my quest 2 had issues such as black screen errors in the middle of an intense game. It also had really bad tracking issues and drift on the controllers. So I contacted Oculus support. They said they could open an RMA for a full kit replacement. I ...

Hyzer- by Level 2
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Help with air link on steam

I am trying to play steam games with airlink but when I try to open them it opens. but doesn't show up on the headset. This is a problem with airlink because everything works fine with link. Also, when I play a game on the oculus app it works but not...

blade and sorcery

Is there anyway to get blade and sorcery to play on my quest 2 very new to vr however that game was what made me buy one i do have a gaming pc as well so if there anyway to conect them wirelessly? thanks

Why i can't launch my games

Hey guys, i have a big issues, impossible to launch my games Beat Saber and Pistol Wisp, those games have worked before and not now, even though i uninstall and re-install them on and on, what's happen.Someone to help?Sorry for my englishregards

Achat jeux

Bonjour.Je posséde une carte de banque maestro mais il est impossible d'acheter un jeux.Il faut obligatoirement une carte visa mais je n en ai pas!.Alors commnt faire pour acheter un jeu?

Stop IPD pop-up ?

Is there any way to stop the automatic IPD pop-up from coming up? Honestly, it is one of the stupidest things to have this thing come up, when A) I can't do anything with it anyway, and B), it is buggy and comes up every few seconds and 'adjusts' for...


I ordered oculus quest 2 128gb and says it should arrive by today but it still says processing shipment and I don’t have any sort of tracking for my package

KngNaz by Level 2
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Can anyone confirm this please ?

Call me Stupid but since a little update when I am in the home environment and i quickly press the Right Oculus Button ALL the screens vanish so your finally free to walk around all the environments ..Anyone else seeing this ??

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to create avatar

Hi, I just received my Oculus Quest and I have been trying to setup my avatar in the headset but I'm unable to do so. When I go to settings, people, profile, and select edit avatar, I show up in a large room but with no ability to create my avatar. I...

Hoorge by Level 3
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