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Quest 2 VR programs

I really wonder when many of the existing VR programs like Pompeii, the art programs and a plethora more will be released for the Quest 2. I'm not a big gamer and I really wish some of the wonderful non-gaming VR experiences which are available for t...

mog-ur by Level 2
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Guardian Quest 2

WHY friggin why does the guardian not working..,Yes I’ve tried all the tips and not able to get it to set to my floor. It worked just fine yesterday

Fabu60 by Level 2
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I need help with app sharing

I need help, I want to game share with one of my friends on a Oculus Quest 2, but we can’t get each other games. Do I need to make his account the primary and mine secondary to get his games and vice versa for him to get my games?

what0 by Level 2
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Avatar Setup Broken

Since a few days the setup of the legacy avatars in Oculus Quest appears to be broken.Most configuration windows stay empty and some others are crashing the configurator.To me it looks like a problem with their backend as it was the same for v31 and ...

Oculus Quest 2 Noise

Hi, when I turn my head to the right and up, some kind of noise appears. Sounds like a buzzing sound. If I turn my head to the left and down there is no noise.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cant get into VR on my Oculus Quest

Can't get into hell split Arena on my quest 2. I'm using the Air link. I launch the Q2 enable Airlink on Pc Oculus interface then launch it. Go to start the game from the steam games menu run vr from the game title list then I try to launch the game ...

hezimoe by Level 3
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Black out at initial Oculus quest 2 set up

I have just purchased an Oculus Quest 2. I have charged to 100% but when I switch on I get the 3 white lines, then Oculus logo but after a couple of seconds the headset switches off like it’s gone into standby. Am I missing something or do I need to ...

Connection issue.

I just recently got my quest 2. I have an excellent 5G WiFi connection but when ever I try to play a multiplayer game I disconnect from the game and I am put into a game by myself or I am timed out of the game. This happens or VRChat, Gorilla tag and...

qtQuad by Level 2
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Quest 2: Connecting without a USB-C port?

Hello. I'm considering acquiring an Oculus Quest 2, but one thing has come up in my research; that to get the most our of PC VR games and experiences, I would need to connect the Quest 2 headset to my PC using the included cable. Problem is, I don't ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Bonjour j'ai un occulus quest 2 lie au pc via link usbc oculus . le jeux démarre très bien et dans l'ascenseur a chaque revient a page d'accueil de oculus quest. ca me le fait aussi sur le jeux d'échec et un autre jeux . j'ai un bon pc je fait tourne...

rupaire by Level 2
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Casting to Discord

So, I wanted to use the oculus casting link where you can stream to your computer via a browser and then stream that to Discord, but it seems that when I try to do so it stops casting almost inmediately like if there was an error with the headset, th...

Controllers only using gyro, 3DOF, not 6DOF

I`m developing an enterprise app that required 6DOF controllers. every once in a while (usually once a day but sometimes more often) controllers stop tracking 6DOF and only seem to use gyro (like old gear VR controller)the only way it get`s fixed is ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Problema tracking

Aiutatemi che il mio quest 2 adesso perde di continuo il tracking e non posso giocare nemmeno un secondo con il visore. Non vorrei portarlo in assistenza ma non so che fare.P.S. ho una stanza ben illuminata e tutto il resto è a posto.

Can't install oculus software on windows.

When I run OculusSetup.exe it shows me welcome screen and terms of serviceand error message after that saying:CAN'T CONNECTLooks like we can't reach the oculus server. Pleasecheck your connection.Tried to adjust and turn off firewall with no results....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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ulrich ghislain

bonjour je souhaiterais avoir de l aide j ai acheter 2 casque quest 2 je voudrais savoir si c possible de jouer a 2 ou de synchro les casque et surtout comment faire si c possible merci cordialement