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Quest 2 and Oculus Home

Hi Everybody When i am in Oculus home using my Quest 2 via the airlink or link cable it appears like i am sitting on the floor. i have gone through the setting and cant find a way to adjust the height to a reasonable level. If anybody can help with t...

Support Escalation?

I attached a second Oculus for my son to my account which bricked the ability to purchase apps. Specifically, it nixed existing payment types and any attempt to add a credit card or paypal account in the Oculus or via the webpage fails with an error....

Oculus Quest 2 Cooling Idea

I have a idea for the oculus quest 2 to help with cooling problems, it would attach to the face of the quest and would have a copper heat pipe to help with cooling and it would be power by the quest itself, and you would be able to charge the quest w...

link funktioniert nach Update nicht mehr

Hallo zusammen...Ich besitze seit einem Jahr die Quest 1 mit USB 3.0 und einem dazu passenden PC. Alles lief soweit wunderbar bis vor ca. 6 Monaten nach einem Update keine Verbindung mehr mit dem PC möglich war. Der PC und die Software haben die Ques...

Resolved! Quest link does not want to work

So i have been having a problem with Quest link. I recently bought myself the VR Cover version of the link cable (its a USBC to USBC cable) for my quest 2 so I can use the ability of Quest link. The big issue is that my quest does not want to connect...

quest1.PNG quest2.PNG
Max846 by Level 2
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Blade and sorcery

Pls put blade and sorcery on the oculus quest 2 I'll pay full just pls anyone who can reach out to oculus or the maker of blade and sorcery tell them to put it on quest 2

Oculus quest 2 link kabel geht nicht

Ich habe jetzt seit 2 Wochen eine oculus quest 2. Habe bis jz auch immer air Link verwendet funktioniert einwandfrei. Jedoch als ich mir ein USB-3. 2 Kabel gekauft habe (kein orginales, aber mehrfach getestetes Kabel) und es an meinen PC angeschlosse...

Losiph by Level 2
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Horizon Workrooms Install setting Not Start

I've installed Horizon Workrooms, started it up and started setting it up, but I can't get the "Next" button to work even though it says on the screen that I need to turn on ambient check, place the controller and center the play area. I'd like to re...

Oculus quest 2 controller drift

So i got my oculus a few months ago everything has been going fine, last month it started too have crazy drifts like i would run too the right and i couldnt stop it and its impossible too play any game because of this and im getting super frustrated ...

no vrpc

Hello: After updating the glasses to v31, the vrpc stopped working in the quest2. the glasses tell me that they are in version later in runtime version same but ending in 00 instead of 11 and the pc software tells me that the...

USB 3.0 recognized as USB 2.0

I've seen a lot of people struggle with this. I just got the Oculus Quest 2, and i was hoping i could play pc vr games for the first time. But when I started the setup process, it told me that a USB 3.0 is recommended even though its plugged into my ...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 is not acitvating

I connected my Quest 2 via cable to my PC. Link software says that everything is fine. When I start the Oculus and want to activate it, I just got a black screen and the guardian. Nothing happens. Software still says that the Headset is connected. Wh...


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Program menu managment

I know you can select "All", "Installed", etc. But what I want is to be able to delete the listing completely from the library (like demo games I tried, free games I ended up not liking, etc.). If that is not possible, give us a way to Favorite games...

Oculus quest 2 128GB

I was so thrilled to finally get my very own oculus quest 2. As a gift, I finally got mine. Weeks later, oculus orders all oculus quest 2 products to be recalled. Now there coming out with a 128GB version while I'm stuck with me 64GB quest 2. I asked...

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Major drift

So recently my Oculus Quest 2 controllers have started to drift really bad!!! I have tried all of the tips to correct it but, it’s still happening. What else can I do?!? It’s making it near impossible to play anything and I’m really starting to get u...