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Oculus 2 store help

Hello, so I have I have gotten a Oculus Quest 2 and I am using an Oculus link cable for it. I purchased some games on the Oculus store on pc. These games: Blades and Sorcery and Beat Saber. However, they only show when I am using the Oculus link. How...

Multi Headset Household

Hello, I had an Oculus quest 2 and we just bought 2 more for our Children. I made my accnt the main accnt on Both of their headsets, but I can only app share with 1 at a time. So for both of them to have access to all of the games I bought, I have to...

Not allowing game purchase

I am not being allowed to purchase games, I am getting the message request not complete we have noticed something unusual and for your security this request could not be completed please try again later or see our help center

New Oculus Quest 2 accounting

My wife just bought me a new Quest 2. We have a Quest currently linked to my account. We all play off of that account. If I setup the new Quest 2 to my account, can we play at the same time, under the same profile.

Blueplanet VR controls

New oculous user. Have played several games successfully. I cannot figure out the controls on blueplanet. Stuck in the lobby. I get the red laser pointer when I hit the A button but I can't get anything to play. Help please.

Quest 2 Setup issues

Hello! I'm a quest 2 content creator who recently got a very weird bug that said "Tracking lost" and wouldn't allow my controllers to pair. So I thought it was a bug since the Version 27 update is extremely buggy. I performed a factory reset but then...

XtraJelly by Honored Guest
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air link issue

whenever I try to use air link, my computer shows up but my vr wont connect to it, my vr is new and it didn't even come with a link cable.

tyivri by Honored Guest
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It won't sell over here

I've been trying to get a hold of support for this and can't manage to get any form of actual help so i thought i'd ask here. I have been putting aside some money to purchase a quest 2 for Christmas. As a form of thank you gift. However i have been h...

No games are downloading

Hi I have a oculus quest 2 , which I brought for my son for Xmas , we purchased a few games expecting to be able to play them but the won’t download, one game has take about 30 6 hours and still isn’t downloaded all over games are queued , this is ve...

manott67 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Problème installation application

Bonjour, je ne peux plus faire d'installation ou de mise a jour (le tout reste en file d'attente ) car une application est bloqué sur 'installation'. Je ne peux ni annuler ni supprimer cette application, . Je ne sais plus quoi faire. Merci de votre a...

benjc33 by Explorer
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Resident evil 4 won't continue playing

Hey there, The problem that I have is when I go through the first gate, after receiving a phone call, the game stops working. I cannot do anything else.I just have to quit the game.Please, find attached the screenshots of what I am talking about. Tha...

20211210_180251.jpg 20211210_180441.jpg
Cevaneck by Honored Guest
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Mark on lense

I noticed a small mark. Like a smudge or looks like a tiny Scranton mark on glass. It was there when we first started it up yesterday at Christmas. It’s not game breaking but it’s irritating to see a small blur in your experience. I don’t know if it ...

Rec Room

I have been having trouble with rec room on the Oculus Quest 2. At the start of the game I set my experience to standing, but I can’t change it, whenever I trying sitting it makes me very short in the game, I can only play it standing.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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My quest 2 storage decided to reset itself

So my Quest 2 decided one day it didn't have any apps but storage and settings on. when I find my games in explore or store, it just says purchased with no way of opening it. When I tried to install a game, it just stayed with a loading wheel on the ...

Foxboy348 by Honored Guest
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Referral link didn’t work

I used my friend's referral link for the quest 2 but neither of us got credit. From looking at other posts it appears others are having the same issue. Is this working for anyone?

kevkev227 by Honored Guest
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App sharing problems

I have an oculus quest two. I am the administrator and my wife has a secondary account. App sharing works just fine on the same device. We bought a second oculus so we could play together. App sharing will not work at all. On the second device if my ...