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quest 2 not appearing on pc

i've been trying to transfer files to my headset for about 2 hours nowi've updated my drivers, restarted both headset and pc and tried every port on my pc but the pc refuses to read the quest 2 as being a connected device.The headset works fine from ...

Quest 2 loose wifi connection with airlink

When I am playing a game, it will occasionally say "Not connected to wifi." And kick me out of whatever I am doing returning to oculus quest home. After 10 seconds connection return and i can restart airlink by pressing the button on quest homei'm on...

Resolved! Quest 2 power switch vs proximity sensor.

I am wonder about the thought process that went into designing this device with a soft power switch that puts it into sleep mode and a proximity switch that wakes it up. Did it occur to anybody that two separate switches with opposing functions might...

jssamp by Level 2
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Controller Tracking

Soo not sure if this is a beat saber problem or a quest problem.... when playing beat saber (beat saber is the only app I've noticed it on so far) my controllers seem to have trouble tracking when I reach higher speeds, it seems to just feint a swing...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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connecting to a pc

Bim trying to connect my Oculus Quest 2 to my pc with the usb-c cable and it is giving me a loading sign it has been that way for about 3 hours with no change in the bar. I am at a loss, I paid good money for this and I would like to have it fixed.

Oculus link audio stuttering/cracking

Started using Oculus link around a week ago and since the beginning my audio through the quest has been stuttering really badly. I have tried multiple solutions found around the internet but nothing seems to work, any suggestions?

dryhiow by Level 3
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I ah e a quest one and my controllers are broke and oculus doesn't sell quest one controllers anymore and I dont have money for a quest 2 can anyone help

quest no longer connects to iphone

quest was connecting to iphone but now will not. when I try to pair quest says code was detected automatically. but will not pair. did all troubleshooting steps with no joy. this all happed when i went to setup phone notifications quest works fine ju...

Papa165 by Level 2
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so i have a vr headset and i added another account to it. now when I try to log in from the oculus app it keeps asking me for a five digit code. but I don’t have one because my oculus is already used by me so how am I supposed to get a five digit cod...

Airlink not working

My computer pairs to the quest but the launch button is greyed out. And when the pc connects it says in the oculus app notification tab, "We couldn't connect to your headset. please connect your headset" it also says not connected in the oculus app.

Zenical by Level 3
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Questions about Oculus link

I very recently got a Oculus Quest 2 and the main reason I got it was to play VR games on my PC. I soon found my problem was a severely unusable amount of lag, I checked whether my PC could run it and it more than could and due to that and the type o...