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I am having a problem getting through the preliminary for the program. Is there anyway to skip them and just start shooting targets. When I try to pick up the gun it won't let me use my right hand even though I selected that. Have lot of difficulty p...

Harrisgtz by Honored Guest
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Problems with Oculus gallery

Hallo, Have problems with the Oculus Gallery App. First of all i have opened the Oculus Gallery App for the first time since several weeks. I was surprised to seen a black vertical Line in my own made 360 degree pictures. I haven' seen them before us...

Beat saber

I downloaded a bunch of songs from the beat saver website and I put all the zip files in a folder but I don't know how to get the folder on my headset so I can play them. Does anyone know how to do that without another app

BEATNGU74 by Honored Guest
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Creaky - solution?

Our Quest 2 is annoyingly creaky. The noise comes from the plastic frame of the facial interface rubbing against the plastic of the Quest. Is there an alternative 3rd party facial interface that has a frame made from a quieter, softer, more rubber-li...

f_thomas by Explorer
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Just pre-ordered A Township Tale.Everybody is already getting their early access, but I don't have it. Will I get it soon or I pre-ordered it too late?(sorry if my english is bad)

GoodGuy05 by Honored Guest
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Oculus restart loop with latest AMD drivers

100% confirmed. I can't use the oculus link (as well as the air link) on my pc with AMD GPU that uses the 21.6.1 driver version. The only way I can use it is to revert the drivers to the previous version (Which disables the ability to play many other...

simsimich by Honored Guest
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connection problem

Hello i have problem with cable configuration since i reinstaled my win10 a few days ago (so i needed to reinstal whole oculu s shiet) and i cant pass connection when i plug usb-c to headset and launch oculus its keep closing and opening like on the ...

Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png
Mkmiaz8 by Honored Guest
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XBOX controller and airlink

hi, I can't connect my xbox controller with airlink to play games like star wars squadron.it looks like the bluetooth doesn't work when i use airlink. and it doesn't work with link too I use virtual desktop and it works well.Somebody else has this tr...

jeroy by Honored Guest
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Air Link doesn't launch

so when v28 was released, i rushed to get air link set up on my quest 2.it connected to the desktop app fine, the app recognised it as a quest 2, but when i launched air link, the loading dots come up for about 10 seconds, then it goes back to the qu...

VR development for Oculus quest

Hi community!We are new at Oculus Quest and we are looking to hire a developer to develop VR game for the oculus storei will be happy to contact experienced developer that have already published a game in the storethanks!!

BZdevelop by Honored Guest
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bonjour, je dois renvoyer mon casque a oculus pour faire marcher la garantie, mais je dois le réinitialiser et en faisant ca , j'ai peur d'avoir tout perdu une fois mon nouveau casque reçu. Y'a t-il un moyen de sauvgarde ?Cordialement.

Yan0302 by Honored Guest
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Recently played with section?

I’m sure this has been asked several times, but is there a way to find “recently played with” people to add as friends? I feel like this system could be so much better with a few tweaks. It is seriously lacking in the social networking part which is ...

Chop222 by Honored Guest
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Duplicate orders

Hi, I ordered 3psc. Oculus Quest 2 (2by mistake). I want to keep only one.I was ordering as a guest and did not receive the e-mail with the order numer. How i can get this numer or how i can send back my Quests without order number? Of coures i didnt...

rastav13 by Honored Guest
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roblox oq2 help

so ive seen a bunch of tutorials on youtube that are called " how to play roblox vr wirelessly without link cable". and i was wondering how to connect the headset to the pc oculus app? like how to connect it to ur pc without a link cable? please help...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Titanic VR

Where the heck do you park at D Deck to shine your light in the whole and without blocking it? I've been goofing with my sub for a century and can't find the right spot.

krose8114 by Honored Guest
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quest 2 cam heavy distorted on edge

I noticed a blur bar on the edge of my quest, this only occurs in one of the cameras on the right side, I can't say if this defect can get worse with time and should I ask to change it for a new one or just leave it as it is?

Air Link Wont Work!

Ok, so I'm trying to get into air link right? But whenever i press launch, there are 3 loading dots. and when the loading is over,it takes me back to the oculus home screen. And, I get a message when trying to launch...

Screenshot 2021-05-03 190453.png

oculus hardware/software

My pc was compatible with the quest 2 and after a recent update its no longer compatible. how does that happen. My pc runs a AMD Radeon RX5700 XT and a AMD Ryzen 3700x 8-Core Processor, 16gb Ram. how its this not compatible with it. it worked before....

Oculus Quest 2 casting and pairing issues

I'm trying to cast to a Iphone 11 from my Oculus quest 2. I'm running software version 30.?? on the quest 2 and software version 14.6 on my Iphone. I also have the Oculus app on my Iphone.Question 1: Do you have to have bluetooth running between your...

rachoban by Honored Guest
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Link broken since this morning.

No way to get oculus link working with my Quest 2 since this morning (10th of july 2021), whatever I try : with 2 different cablesno luck with Air Link after uninstalling Virtual Desktop streamer app (i read somewhere that it fixed this issue for som...

Cant open some oculus quest 2 apps

So, some of my apps just won't work, one being my favorite game, beat saber. I've had this happen for a while with one of my apps but I never used it much anyways. Then recently, it happened with beat saber. What happens is, I click on the app, and i...

Some Games not working after v30 update

My headset updated to V30 on Friday. Then all my apps disappeared which was found out to be a fault on oculus side. When they all came back, some of my games either won’t load or crash out! I’m assuming the update to V30 has caused the problems. sain...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Trying to purchase a game

Trying to purchase a game in the app either via my mobile or VR and a message appears We are having problems completing your request. Please try again later. We have been trying for two days now. Has anyone got any assistance for me.

JJGamer21 by Honored Guest
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