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Problème mise à jour 30

Bonsoir, je viens de faire une mise à jour. Le casque est directement passé de la version 27 à 30. Tous mes jeux ont disparu. Pourtant la capacité de stockage m'indique qu'il reste 5go. Mais ou sont passé les jeux ?

download issues

I was unable to download anything onto my headset after playing on my brand new headset for a week, i thought it could be fixed by factory resetting it and now i can’t even download any virtual scenes for my home place plus i can’t find my games in t...

lazydogz by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus link software loop

Hello when I connect my oculus quest 2 via usb c to usb a and usb to usb c, my pc oculus software infinitely reboots with a circle when I choose deny and allow access to files, and my quest 2 does not show a oculus link option in options and it loads...

Air link bitrate limit

Now the air link have a limit , 200M for nvdia and 100M for amd. It is said that the limit mainly caused by encoding and decoding. So can we use the raw stream without encoding ? Just like CRF type in OBS and setting CRF to 0, this way will reduce no...

Oculus quest 2 tracking lost

I have a quest 2, and it was working fine. Never bumped it dropped it, nothing. Suddenly, I turn it on, and it starts having a spasm. It keeps saying “tracking lost. Something went wrong” then starts flashing black and white. If I time it right I can...

nothing is working

When I got on my oculus none of my apps are showing up and the store isn't working I tried to use voice command to see if that could open my games it didn't work I have wifi it can't be that I also turned my oculus on and off yet again didn't work pl...

level702 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 Link blackscreen after update

Hey,so my first problems started already in march. I had black windows on my virtual desktop in oculus link it worked all fine before. Since a few days when I start link 3 dots appear and I get into the link room for like a second sometimes I only ha...

Controller touch/haptic

As of me writing this I’ve only had the oculus quest 2 for 2 days now and the thumb tracking for both controllers is acting up it doesn’t detect that I have my thumb off of the joystick


my airlink keeps disconnecting and i haven't been able to connect once, is it just me or is it bugged?( i also haven't been able to use the virtual keyboard)

airlink not working

trying to setup airlink on my computer, just installed the oculus software but when I go to set it up and plug in my headset to my computer it still says connect your headset when I try to add my oculus quest 2 as a device.

Wolfy139 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Companion app does not have "Settings" option

So, I just got my Quest 2 yesterday and purchased some games with it. I did not like one and was trying to return it. The only way to do that is to go into "Settings" in the companion app. I have looked everywhere in the companion app and cannot find...