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factory reset stuck at pairing screen

My quest 2 was constantly loosing connection to wifi so i did factory reset, but on headset screen is stuck at pairing screen but i can play air play and play videos on head set controller are working , but headset is not showing quest 2 default scre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 controller pairing to quest 1

My left controller started to have stick drift a while after I had my quest 1 and it was very annoying so while I was playing with it one day it stopped tracking and lost all power and would not pair or even light up so I order a new quest 2 controll...

Ash_ok by Honored Guest
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Cannot start up my quest

I bought my quest 2 on 22/6, last night when I playing walking dead, it hang and can’t reboot, I did factory reset, first time it can work, but soon it hang again, and can’t work even I did factory reset, now it only shown black screen…… help

Oculus app keeps closing and reopening.

Hello. i have spent the last 2.5 hours trying to get my oculus pc app to work. first my link would not connect with the app opened I put on my headset and tried to connect to my pc through the air link and no dice it would see my pc but would not con...

Omnacron by Honored Guest
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Link disconnecting and reconnecting

I might get a bit angry off since in the past few days I have spent about 110$ on cables but here goes, I just got a brand new headset and along with it I got a cheap link cable, about 20$, When the headset came in I set it up to my PC (ryzen 5 5600,...

Resolved! 64gb oculus quest 3 questions

1.If i were to use a link cable to connect it to my laptob the vr storage wouldn't fill right?2. since the link cable is just a usb-c to usb-c cable could i just find a cheaper cable and connect it that way?3. are there requirements for using a link ...

oclulus quest 2 bug

My oculus quest 2 is not working properly.First it showed up soatialplatform keeps stopping,Then when i checked if my games & apps were still there but nope they got removed off of the apps section of the universle menu but one app that is left is th...

Touch controller sensor

So I need to figure out how to turn off the touch sensors on the thumbsticks for the quest 2. I can't keep my thumbs on the top of the thumbsticks all the time while playing games but some games need you to always have your thumbs directly on top in ...

PetzoldM by Honored Guest
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Oculus link + audio error

Recently (around yesterday evening) I tried using Oculus link to play steam vr (after not using for around 3 days or more and around 3 days ago it worked perfectly), but when I went into settings and pressed the oculus link prompt, it loads for 10 se...

How to PREVENT Oculus's view reset

Hi!I am creating a VR experience for my graduation where I map the physical space to a digital pointcloud replica of it. [video below]This is done with Unity 2020, through their VFX Graph tools, and with Oculus Link connected to Unity's editor.I am e...

Oculus Wifi Crash

After getting my Quest 2 and using it for a while I seemed to have no issues. Then I tried air linking it to my PC and playing some steam games. Everything worked fine for a few days but today whenever I try launching steam games it just disconnects ...

Turbaa by Honored Guest
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Oculus link help

Hello. my first time doing this (asking for help in random forums) .ok i have a MSI "GP63 Leopard 8RE" supposed to be vr ready, and oculus link cable(90$ version) and oculus quest 2 headset.Can anybody explain why i have like 1 fps please?I connect t...

haoay1730 by Honored Guest
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Issues with Right Controller

When you’re on the home menu, the virtual thumb sits idle above the buttons, but on the right controller, it’s on the “B” button. If I push A or move the joystick the thumb moves there but as soon as I let go, it goes right back on the “B”. I’ve also...