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I lost hearing with the oculus quest 2

I lost hearing with the oculus.The sound in game was weak I increased it to hear well.But when I got out of the app I watched a trailer and the sound was too loud.My ears are now destroyed, I did not receive a safety message warning me of this risk a...

hazuki59 by Explorer
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Headset lag/jitter when casting

Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone had this issue and knew how to fix it or at least make it better.My girlfriend and I both have 64gb Quest 2 headsets and we have been trying to get them casting smoothly. My girlfriends Quest 2 has no issues...

Oculus link keeps crashing

When I first got the Oculus Quest 2, I was able to use Oculus Link without any major difficulties, being able to play Beat Saber on it all the time. Lately, however, I have been having problems with the headset. At random times, it will go back to th...

Oculus link keeps stopping

When I go into my oculus quest and it prompts me to activate link, whenever I hit yes and it just goes to the three dots, then back to the prompt. Sometimes it’ll work for a few seconds but no more than 20 seconds. I am using a WiRo usb C to Usb C ca...

Nordlaw1 by Honored Guest
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Supernatural community

I've been using Supernatural for about 3 months now. I'd like to use the leaderboard but I don't know anyone else with a Supernatural. What do I do? Just go to the companion app and start following people? Do they then need to follow me back? Is this...

V29 Update

So i updated my Oculus Quest 2 on V29 i got the battery indicator on the controller and other stuff if im not wrong, but the menu is not changed, and idk why

Virtual Desktop not working

So today i was playing early in the morning with the quest connected to the pc by virtual desktop. Like an hour ago i tried to play again but it asked me to update the software, after that the app doesn't want to initiate anymore and just launch, giv...

oculas quest 2 and deco m5 wifi

i need help . when i connect my headset to the Deco m5 mesh wifi it says i have a strong signal . but when i launch steam and any app its badly pixelated . the Deco is my main wifi the virgin hub 3 is the modemtried restarting the headsetto no effect...

set up

Just curious if you need to register the device on a computer to be able to check on things as we use it? We logged in with what we set up on the device, bought beat sabers on the computer (mac). As I tried looking around the computer pages, it said ...

Ben3011 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 2 makes noises

My Quest 2 makes noises like an electric toothbrush when in use.The Quest 2 was only delivered yesterday and I don't know what to do.I hope you can help me.

MichelGj by Honored Guest
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Can't finish setup

I just got my Quest 2 today and have been having a blast so far... for everything that works, but I've had limited luck using it connected to my PC, and was just about to go to bed but decided to look through the app. When I went to the device tab th...

fixedgaze by Honored Guest
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Multiple Playback from VR Tour

Hello, please can you help me, i am looking for this.I am using 3D Vista VR Tour program. I would need find the way for VR Tour multiple playback. For example 5 persons are watching the same VR Tour in Oculus Quest or Go. But only one person is contr...

Permon by Honored Guest
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Netlimiter and Airlink

I've only started using Netlimiter Pro 4 to try and make Airlink as efficient as possible. The only thing is that I really don't know what I'm doing and have only succeeded in making performance worse. I'm kinda retarded and would like some suggestio...

Oculus Link not Connecting

Hey everyone, I need some help troubleshooting my issue I've been having when trying to connect my Oculus Quest (not quest 2) to my computer (Lenovo Laptop). I've tried restarting both my computer and VR, Logging In and Out of the Oculus App, using a...

0V0_ by Honored Guest
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Wrong battery?

I bought this anchor power core and didn't research properly and I'm now confused if I bought the wrong thing. A reviewer said he charged his Quest 2 with it yet under questions and answers the seller says it can't charge the Quest 2. Did I mess up?....

aguy10 by Heroic Explorer
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Just in time incorporated

Hello I have a question whenever I play Just in time incorporated When I try to load it it goes black? I had oculus rift for a short amount of time about 2 years ago and just now setup my oculus quest 2 to my computer my specifications are good Gpu r...

gamingrap by Honored Guest
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Tray Tool v. Unusable?

After seeing a few vids on YouTube about improving graphics and performance for PC use, I downloaded the latest version of Tray Tool. Hoping to improve performance in MS Flightsim 2020. Followed various Tray Tool setting modes but none work, even at ...

"Hey Faceook", really? Why not "Hey Quest"?

I love the idea of voice controls but no way I'm yelling 'Hey Facebook' each time. I get there's auth integration but I'M NOT ON FACEBOOK I'm in my Quest headset. At least give us a choice of a few different words (like Alexa gives a few wake-up word...

nidania by Protege
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Casting not working anymore.

Casting was fine and a few weeks ago it stopped working.I have restarted the headset a million times. Logged out of app, reinstall the oculus app.still nothing. my son has friends over but they can’t see what he is playing. help please