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connecting to laptop

Honored Guest

Ok so I’ve ordered a usb cable so i can connect my headset (quest 2) to my laptop, but now im questioning whether or not it will work.


You see, my laptop is fairly old- it’s on windows 8.1. I’ve seen loads of people saying they don’t have the right graphics card or windows version, so will this affect anything? I no longer have anything with my laptops specs on, however I can find it if anyone needs it to help.


Will it work or should I just cancel my order-



@xainthefloofyboi  I would just cancel your usb cable order since there is no way this is going to work out well imho.  You could just test this all out now using your Q2 charge cable and I think you'll find you do not get far with this.  Just enjoy your Q2 standalone mobile VR for now.  It's very good and getting better all the time.  Cheers.

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Windows 8.1 is quite old now and not supported by the Oculus app. You could probably upgrade the OS but the chances are that the laptop hardware will be too old to perform well in VR. You could post your specs to see, but I'd cancel the cable order for now.