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how to connect my quest to my vr ready pc

hey, I want to play my steam VR and oculus rift exclusive games on my quest like storm land wirelessly 
1. what is the best way to it
2. what is the best way to do it free
3. is there any way to play quest using pc in 90hz
4. there is no 4 🙂

 There are a few different ways, I'm thinking the best way for you would be best decided from exploring youtube
 I've been using Riftcat/VRidge, which I paid $14.00 for the full version..  
  As for 90hz, Eric for Pres. on Youtube announced a few weeks ago that there is a guy in one of the forums who claims to have modded his to run @ 90, and is working on a mod that can be shared. If I were a betting man, my money would be on that cat being out of the bag sometime in the future.  
Gigabyte  AB350 Ryzen 2700x, 32gb ddr 4 3200, 2080ti. HP Reverb G2, Index controllers, Quest 1 and 2x Quest 2. 65" 3DTV HD3D DLP projector.

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The only issue with 90Hz, is that means 18 frames per second more, or 25% more data to squeeze into the 150Mbps that even Virtual Desktop is limited to. Sure, you'll be running at 90Hz, but it'll be at a 25% loss of visual clarity. Even setting it to 80Hz, the same as Rift-S would be better. Still a hit in clarity, but not as bad.