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multiple PCs

Level 2
My young son got a quest 2 from his mom. So I'm getting ready to set it up. I'm downloading the software right now on my PC. He has his own PC. Will we be able to use his quest 2 on both PCs or just one of them?

Level 8
Yes, he can use both, but with caveats. You can install the Oculus client on multiple computers and use your Quest on either of them.

The issue you might run into is that while Oculus has provided a platform for developers to do cloud saves, it is up to each developer to actually implement it. So, for some games you can pop back and forth between computers and pick up where you left off.

For other games, the progress will be tied to the computer and you would have to replay the portion of the game that you already played on the other machine since the save files are being saved locally.

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Level 2
Thanks, and no that's not what I meant. He would play his games on his PC and I would of course play my games on mine. Not a real big fan of VR (or vomit, I'm a little susceptible to motion sickness LOL) but I may want to try it. I just didn't want to set it up on my PC and my FB account and have HIS quest 2 locked to my PC. Thank you.