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oculus quest 2 crash red light blinking

Honored Guest

So i was just playing VR chat with my friend(this is my son) and then it just crashed midgame and a red light was blinking we think it broke we looked all over the internet and nothing other then the same thing as him does anyone know how to fix this? (tried turning it off and on)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey eruptor0913! We see you've experienced an issue with your headset in the middle of your game. Typically, a blinking red light on an Oculus headset means the device needs to be charged. Try charging your headset for 2 consecutive hours before attempting to use it again. If you're still experiencing issues once you've tried this, please submit a support ticket to our Oculus Support team with more details by clicking here. You'll have the option to email us or chat with a live agent. Thanks for reaching out!

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