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pixel ripped 1995 crashes back to home screen

Level 4

when i open pixel ripped 1995 on my quest 2 it just has a black screen then goes back to the home screen ive had this for a while and ive tried the updates when they came out, a while back i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times. ive rebooted and powered off and on the quest 2 but no good. i have the latest quest updates as far as i know because it doesnt show any for software updates button its greyed out with "no updates available" all my other games are working except skybox vr player but this i gave up on because everyone else had the same return to home screen that was going to be fixed with an update so i bought pigasus and skybox slipped my mind. i dont realy want to try a full quest 2 factory reset as i have mobile data only in the country and reinstalling all my games will use up lots of my monthly allowence