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quest 2 problems

Level 2

two problems:

1   my guardian won't go to the floor and lifts up as I do.  Following settings doesn't help


2  left sound is corrupted, sounds sort of like static.  I've restarted the headset a few times already.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, for the guardian: There are 2 Guardian setups depending on the play area: Room scale and Stationary

Guardian options can be changed from Stationary to Room scale at any time from within the headset. Either by going to Settings > “Reset Guardian” or by selecting the Roomscale or Stationary option from the Home bar.


Minimum required size is 3 feet by 3 feet.

Recommended size is 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet.



This mode will auto set a small Guardian area around you.


  • If there is no Guardian area set up, passthrough will stay on until a Guardian area is created or set to Stationary.
  • Pass through will auto activate when moving outside the set Guardian area; however, it will turn off and the headset will go black after moving about 8 feet away.
  • For some users, passthrough can be uncomfortable, so it is recommended to only be used for short periods of time.


For the corrupted sound please try the following: 

  1. Reboot the headset
  2. Ensure the volume is not set too high
  3. Test with multiple games/apps
  4. Try with headphones

If the problem still persist please go ahead and get in contact with Oculus. An agent will be happy to assist you with this issue in order to get you back to gaming.