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referal dont work

Level 4

i tried  to referral a friend but i cant send the link, its said me to try later 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi MadDubQc, thanks for referring a friend to Oculus! If you're running into an issue when sending that link, let's see what we can do to resolve it. Whenever you're trying to access your referral code promo, are you using this link: When trying to redeem the referral, it will not be valid if your friends don't create their Oculus account through the link, and then purchase their headset through it. If all of these parameters are met, including the ones found here, we can investigate the matter further! We hope to hear back from you soon.

Level 4

referal don't work with amazon headset? because i thought its was only need to activate the headset and said to im that buying to amazon was better because he with received it faster with prime

also wath im sayin is that im trying to invite im trought the link and its tell me to try later

Hey there! Here's a few more things you can try in order to get your referral sent. 

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Oculus app
  • Check to make sure that you're connected to your network

Also, please note, there is a limit of 5 referrals every 30 days. Now, if you're still running an issue after checking on those, please submit a ticket with support HERE, and we can assure you an agent will help work through this with you.