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stream VR movies from desktop

Level 2

I read somewhere that the minimum requirement for a PC video card is a GeForce GTX 970

I have a laptop with GTX960M

Can I at least stream 3D VR movies from my laptop via usb?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I guess if your laptop is capable of running your Quest in Link mode then it's just a case of using a PCVR media app to view your laptop media files (it doesn't look like your laptop would be ok for that though).

To use your Quest in Quest mode and stream over a USB cable, you'd need a viewing app installed on the Quest that recognises your PC connected that way. I use Skybox which only lets you stream wirelessly, from either a DLNA server or via Airplay, both of which you can do from your laptop, provided laptop and headset are on the same network. I'm not aware of an app that lets you view your PC files if connected via USB but if anyone else knows different, please chime in!!

For wireless streaming I use a NAS, so haven't tried it from my PC. Windows 10 includes a DLNA server which you can enable. There's a howtogeek on setting it up, which seems pretty simple:

Other than that, I suppose you're left with the option to transfer the files to the headset via USB, then view them directly.

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