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trouble logging in

Honored Guest

hi does anybody no if i delete my facebook account how i set the oculus back up again?only had it a few weeks it's my sons i deactivated my facebook an didn't realise it would delete the oculus how do i get it back?been trying hours



Did you deactivate or delete?


If you deactivated it then just reactivate and sign in through the oculus app, and it should sort itself out.

Honored Guest

i deleted it an now i cant get back on it been trying hours ive since gon back on my facebook but cant get back on oculus 

i deleted it not deactivated it ive gone back on we just cant set it back up on the oculus been trying for hours it's driving me mad the online chat is no help either

There is a 30 day deletion grace period.  Unless your beyond that you should just be able to sign in unless you confirmed deletion.