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v19 Japanese keyboard option is not found!

Honored Guest
(I’m not English speaker, if found grammatical mistakes, please understand reason).

Hello Oculus community,

I am a Japanese Oculus Quest player, but due to lack of Japanese input function, as a result, find content on Quest was extremely difficult (
except custom input method implementation apps e.g. YouTube VR, Netflix VR, Prime Video VR).
However, recently released new firmware (v19) release notes says:
We’ve added a Japanese keyboard option to the Oculus Keyboard. 

but, not showing Japanese keyboard option on my Quest.


I tried reboot headset and change language to Japanese to English / English to Japanese, but state does not change.

And I checked this problem on social media, other Japanese player have encountered this problem in the same way.

Japanese keyboard option is very important and usability issue for Japanese players.

Japanese content is only provided Japanese information most of the time, finding content is difficult without Japanese and no app provided on Quest store (e.g. niconico - a famous Japanese video community).

As a result Japanese keyboard option is very serious problem involved in find content.

Anyone have a good idea?



I rebooted after v19 update and I can confirm I don't see Japanese keyboard.

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These things roll out in a very strange manner. I have received multiple updates to find people enjoying features that are supposedly there but I don't see them. Then magically one day they appear. I am on ver19 and I don't have the voice command, visual hands on controllers or Japanese keyboard options.. yet. One day they will appear with no rhyme or reason.

Honored Guest
I rebooted the headset today and the Japanese keyboard option is now available (along with other elements implemented in v19).

This is my personal opinion, but I don't think this kind of usability related part of the system should take a roll-out format.
In Japan, Oculus Quest is selling out frequently, and the number of users is steadily growing.
I think this kind of localization problem will lead to user defection. Development team should think about usability of non-English speakers.