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what PC spec should I consider to build PC that can get the most out of Quest 2 ?

Level 2
Hello all,

My Quest 2 preorder will arrive soon. This will be my first VR headset. I know Quest 2 can be used for gaming wirelessly. But I also want to play high graphic intense game running from desktop PC. what PC spec should I consider to build a PC that can get the most out of Quest 2 without breaking the bank?

I already have Playstation 5 preoder on the way so this PC will be build solely for VR gaming and VR videos viewing. 

Thank you!

Level 5
Hi there--this is a great question.  For a VR gaming PC build, I would start by looking at the recommended requirements on Steam for the VR games you are interesting in playing (and build something slightly better, most say a GTX 1070 or higher).

However, I would recommend waiting until you actually get to use the Quest 2 for a few weeks.  I have the original Quest and have a gaming PC (RTX 2080).  I found myself rarely using the link cable to connect the PC - even for games like Vader Immortal (which looks a little better with link--but note it's compressed video and not quite as good as what you would see in the Rift S or other PC VR headsets), because using the Quest wireless is so much of a better experience than being tethered with a cable.  Watching Videos could be another area the Quest 2 could be fine without the cable, depending on how you are accessing them.  Long term, more complex games should be coming to the Quest 2 (I have the 256GB version on order).  However, I understand the desire to try out games like Alyx.  It can be a little clunky getting everything setup with Steam via link, but it can work.

Can't go wrong either way--I'm excited to see what the improved Quest 2 can do, the reviews look great and being un-tethered is pretty awesome.  Good luck!

Level 2
thanks for the detail suggestions esp waiting to have quest 2 on my hand first for few weeks before commuting into building a PC. 

Which game in the VR market that has best VR graphic right now?

Currently I have a Synology NAS Media Server where I am using to store my videos and music. Is it possible to store games on my NAS media server and wirelessly access games with Quest2 ?

Level 5
can u currently install games to your NAS and play them without lag/crashing?

I also have a Syn 2 Bay NAS, and i've never even tried to install a game to it because thats like, idk.... and VR games? IDK

Good luck?