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Expert Protege
A couple things that would be great in this already awesome application.

Toggle play all keyframes - as of now whenever I create new keyframes for animation I have to press play for every new animated layer even whilst the others are playing, there should be an option to play all automatically.

Wider view of keyframes - the left to right slider for keyframes is limiting for those who want to do longer animations as you can only see a certain amount of frames.

Move keyframes - Being able to move keyframes around would be great, I don't currently see an option for this. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Scrub through timeline -  a smoother version of what we have now, still a bit tricky to animate with only being able to flip through each frame individually.

Customize-able brushes 

Hi, thank you for you suggestions. Most of these are already on our radar and will be addressed at some point.

You can scrub through the timeline today, by holding the right hand joystick left or right.

Expert Protege
More suggestions.

Paint on stroke UV map style- sometimes my geometry is too much for my computer as everything is stroked, would be cool to be able to paint on strokes like a UV map.

Smooth geometry tool - Nudge is good but the shapes end up really distorted, which is great for blocky animation but not so much for other styles. The geometry for most of my projects are currently unreadable in other programs as they're too large.

I think one feature which would make experiencing all Quillustrations so much enjoyable would be a non-jittery movement mode. Let us float peacefully around in a drawing, doesnt need to replace the current movement, but a free flying mode ala Google Earth would be amazing.

It would also be great if you could put a play button within an illustration, so i could fly over to a drawing of a tree in fly mode, press trigger on the play button, and the tree's animation would play. This would be great to discover animations in other artists illustrations. Little bit of interaction would be amazing.

Also can i hold a selection over multiple keyframes and have the selection copied to the following keyframes as i move the selection around? This would make things so much easier.

Could we select things in multiple layers, and make animations for all them at the same time?

Could we possibly decimate one brush stroke into many smaller strokes so they are nicer to shade/colourize?

Expert Protege
Some more ideas:

Color pass/Layer style over whole project - if there was some way of being able to colorize a whole scene without having to copy/paste the merged scene on top of itself then lowering the opacity after colorizing it.

Expert Protege
I'd like to see a way to non-uniformly scale selections.  Like being able to squash some lines down to make a flat floor or a wall.

Not applicable
Redo-duplication: simple addition to interface to allow the redo button to be held down, instead of requiring tapping. Streamlining creation of spheres amd skydomes with Goro's technique.  🙂

Expert Protege
Right now when we create shapes and color it only paints one gradient on it and we need to do some crazy technique just to make shapes that can be painted on properly, that doesn't translate well when imported in other programs and it's hit and miss.

Is there any chance we can have an option for the strokes to already have geometry that can allow us to paint on them properly from the start?

After I've been trying out Quill. I think the program is super amazing as an animation pre-production tool or Animation itself. However, I wish they can incorporate certain features to make it more usable so. I'd like to propose the following

1. The ability to not only import 3d meshes but also an ability to have like a magnet-like brush system that strokes can adhere along imported mesh surface. I think shouldn’t be that hard to implement and it would be a great addition to make Quill more versatile in terms of productivity.

2. Even better if there's a way to convert imported meshes (with vertex colors) in to quill strokes. (With options to control the conversion)

3. The ability to import Quill file as group layer so we can built parts independently (with perhaps multiple contributors) and bring them all together to create a scene. This would improve the re-usability of assets as well.

4. The ability to construct and playback multi scenes in one or multiple quill file (able to point to the next quill scene) so we can construct the animation in its full glory.

5. The Ability to play Quill file as a standalone executable file. So it can be used as a per item in an art exhibition.

Been playing around a lot with Quill the past week and really love all the new features since I tried it 2 years ago. 

Here's all my ideas, some may have already been mentioned:
  • A customizable workplane for snapping. Being able to use the alt trigger with the line tool to snap to axis is super awesome and really helps to block out technical drawings, but sometimes you might want to have something aligned off-axis but still use the feature, if you could simply position a workplane, that would be awesome. Additionally you could have a 2d snap to workplane feature, and perhaps the ability to save workplaces, so you can quickly jump between them. I could see this being super useful for architectural drawings. 
  • A spline brush. This would be a brush with individual control points that you can move and edit at any time. 
  • Simple editable prefabs. For reference when drawing, it would be really nice to be able to add simple prefab objects like cubes that can be resized. For a box, being able to individually pull out each side would be nice. 
  • Armatures for animation. This is a fairly complex feature, but it would be awesome to build a bone based rig for a character, and either glue pieces to each bone(Easiest Method) or paint weights(More complex, but pretty useful). 
  • Fly Mode. Use the left thumbstick to fly around in a smooth way rather than pulling and moving the environment. 
  • Option to eyedrop brush type and size. When this is enabled, when eye dropping a color using the B Button, the  brush type as well as the brush size will also be updated. 
  • Ability to select imported models and duplicate them. This may be a bug, but when duplicating a imported model layer, I get a new layer, but the model is not duplicated. Models can also only be moved by layer and not by selecting them. 
  • Scale on all axis's