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UI changes to VR Animation Player a big step back.

Expert Protege

I'm not sure if this is specific to the app or a change to the Oculus UI. However with the latest update selecting the home button from within an animation no longer takes you to the menu you were in prior to selecting an animation.

Instead it exits the app and puts you back to the home environment with no menu. When you reopen the VR Animation Player if briefly shows the menu you were at before returning right to the start of the media browsing menu. 

For me this is merely an annoyance and a step back as it takes longer. However this has ruined the app for my 3 year old niece, as she now requires me to navigate it for her. Previously she could manage selecting an animation and then exiting with the home button and browsing to another (obviously I monitored the use by casting to the TV). Despite the fact that her hands are a little small for easy use of the triggers. However opening the main menu, reopening the VR animation player app and then navigating back to the topic she was browsing is simply a step too far.