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Starting from zero

Hi, I wish to use Quill to draw and animate but I do not know how to start, I loaded the app but I got scary because I saw no tutorials. I can dedicate time to learn and my expectations are to end making short films, I did cinema school and I wish to...

Dan1018 by Adventurer
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Importing .FBX, transform mess up

Hello, When I import in a 3D object into Quill (specifically .FBX in this case), it seems to not match the object location as it was in Maya.In my Maya file, the objects had transform values on it, quill seems to place each object in its zero transfo...

location thumbnails

Hi, I'm using Quill since a year now and it used to be when I saved a game and made a thumbnail, the picture would appear as a .png in the folder with my .qbin and .json files of that save. But from the projects I made in 2019 no thumbnails appear in...

didn't save

I just lost an hour of work because quill didn't save my file even though I repeatedly pressed save while working. Also I still can't see the thumbnails anywhere on my pc (they used to be saved with the project in the documents/quill/project folder)I...

Rift S not detected after failed firmware update

I took delivery of a new RIFT S today. All installed well and immediately after detecting the headset the software wanted to update the firmware. This firmware update failed and as Suggested I tried unplugging / replugging the headset. Since then the...

dflarge58 by Honored Guest
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What and where is the "Quill Viewer"?

On the main Quill website, https://quill.fb.com, under Features > Production Pipeline Support, says the following:Lastly, a standalone and very efficient Quill viewer is provided to quickly debug assets.What and where is this "very efficient Quill vi...

joan by Protege
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Context-sensitive touch control labelling

Given how complex Quill's touch controls can be (different modes of interaction, pivot gimball control, ALT controls, hidden duplication controls) it would be great (especially for beginners but also useful to those who don't use Quill every day) if ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quill Alembic to Maya

Hi, hoping someone had some insight on a few errors importing a Quill ABC into Maya. The importing with MEL and assigning Quill shader mostly works. On import I get the following errors: MEL: AbcImport -mode import -rcs "Z:/flip.abc"Error: flip_Alemb...

rlapham by Explorer
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visibility lines

When I use the paint brush tool I can move my things around or move myself around without any issue, but when I use the line tool everything I drew becomes almost invisible when I move it around or pan. It's not the lines themselves or the layers tha...

Recommended gfx card to use with Quill?

Hi there! I just discovered Quill and Medium today, and I'm completely blown away! I'm not interested in the gaming part of Oculus Rift at all, really, but I want to sculpt and animate stuff in it. I have a AMD Radeon HD6700 graphics card currently -...

mawltea by Honored Guest
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Quill opens an old file.

At some point I did something that now, when I open Quill, an old file opens. Now it will not change.How do we configure the file with which we want Quill to start?

Resolved! The move tool stopped working?

So normally when you press the lower trigger over an object you can move that object around and stuff. This was working fine but all of a sudden I am no longer able to move objects? Every time I try it just moves the entire room. Please help! I can s...

Vulpey by Explorer
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Will it work on a laptop with NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti?

I'm getting really mixed search results here. The hardware test says Rift won't work with NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti while the minimum specs on the support pages says it'll be fine.I'll mostly be using Quill. Please help before I spend a lot of money on this....

OlveAskim by Honored Guest
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Cannot Capture GIF/AVI in Quill

Hello everyone attn: @cybereality @chorneFor 5 days now in a row, I have tried all possible to capture GIF/AVI of my work in Quill but it is not working.1) added Quill to trusted Apps on my AntiVirus [Bit Defender]2) given a firewall exception to bot...

Cannot Capture GIF/AVI in Quill

Hello everyone attn: @cybereality @chorneFor 5 days now in a row, I have tried all possible to capture GIF/AVI of my work in Quill but it is not working.1) added Quill to trusted Apps on my AntiVirus [Bit Defender]2) given a firewall exception to bot...

How to Open Quill FBX exports in Maya

Hi, guys, I wanted to share my simple solution for importing paintings made in Quill and AnimVR into Maya so that the colors appear properly. It's been hard getting information on this so hopefully, this helps people who are having issues. This shoul...


exporting alembic/FBX and keep the colors

hey all,i am trying to export a drawing from Quill and import it into Blender 2.8. i assume that after i import the model I would be able to see the colors that the character had in Quill, but it's just plain grey. am i missing something in the proce...

Export/post 3D Photo to Facebook

Hi, I just updated to Quill 1.7 that supposedly has the added function of posting a 3D photo to Facebook. Apparently I'm not smart enough to find out how. Under the "Facebook" tab in the export menu I only find the option to export to Facebook Spaces...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Quill Crashing on startup

Hello,Quill is crashing every time I try to run it.- I run the Oculus App as administrator- I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Oculus App and Quill- I'm running Windows 10Most of the apps works fine except Quill and Medium... I'll open another po...

LV-426 by Explorer
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Disenchantment Bean quill anim

Hi everyone,Here's another quill drawing I did.It's Bean from Disenchantment. Really loved that show and looking forward to the next season. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqoWxVuA0RY/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Quill desert landscape

Did this as a landscape study. Really loving quill.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BqkeuC_AAeY/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Fbx Export Error

Hi, I am trying to export Fbx file out of Quill, but it gives "Export error" and when I am picking alembic it just shuts down. Does anyone know what could cause this issue?

hosmovi by Honored Guest
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Changing Quill Obj's opacity in Unity

Hi, I'm trying to change the opacity of Quill Obj in Unity by usingQuillObj_mesh.GetComponent().material.color.a.orQuillObj_mesh.GetComponent().materials.color.a.However, it keeps showing an error with" Material doesn't have a color property '_Color'...

bardflat by Honored Guest
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Video format

Hi there!I'm trying to record my paintings but I see that the larger video format is 1280x720..How can I record at 1920x1080?Is it possible?

mantina89 by Honored Guest
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