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Oculus firmware update problem

It seems that today there is a new update for oculus rift firmware, but when I install it on my headset icon on devices it is still saying that I need to install the new firmware even though I have already don it.I have restarted and reinstalled this...

fjlmal by Protege
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Animation Alembic vs. FBX

Hi, My workflow to bring Quill animations into AR (via ARKit) works with Alembic exports. Has anyone been able to run Quill animations with its FBX export? For more information - Alembic animation works in Unity with AlembicImporter plugin, but does ...

rlapham by Explorer
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Error : Could not load this Quill document

Hi! Unfortunatelly I have this error when trying to open the saved scene. Could you please tell what may be the reason of the error? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pYpefelsLlCp8f84kme_Qy9ZrK5cwlN5Thanks in advance.

"Quill was not able to start"? (SOLVED)

I just got my oculus rift and I've tried opening quill twice; both times it says Quill is taking a while and then I look at my monitor and it says quill was not able to start. I tried Dead and Buried and that worked fine. I don't really know how to t...

Quill won't start. Oculus in HDMI. Monitor in DVI.

Hi, My Quill won't load. When I click on it, it immediately crashes. I've seen people on here talking about needed to plug both Oculus and monitor to strongest GPU.I only have 1 HDMI port though, so I connect oculus to that, and the same GPU's DVI to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Unable to open projects in Quill

HelloI think Quill may have lots of potential, based on the work I've seen of other's; but I'm unable to fully work with it, because I cannot open a project. I thought I had created several projects, and tho I can see the saved folders and files usin...

SirWright by Honored Guest
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Animated snapshots not saving to hard disk

Anyone else having problems with this? I keep attempting to record animation snapshots and the only ones that save are less than 2-3 seconds. If I try and record something longer it doesn't end up getting written to disk. At first I was seeing a mess...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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RGBD Export - Depth Channel Has No Depth

Hey, I was very excited to read that the latest Quill update features image export with depth information. However, when I tried out this new functionality, it turned out that the depth information is not really depth information but just a simple ba...


Need help in choosing the right PC

Hi all, I'm new here-I want to be able to use Oculus Quill to create VR characters and environments. I have nothing right now-ie I dont even own an Oculus, nor a PC (I have a Mac). I want to choose wisely  Any advise on a PC that can handle what I n...

Spirited Away painted in Quill

so ive spent the past week learning how to use quill and i think im finally getting the hang of it, i painted chihiro and no face from spirited awayDownload link here if you want it  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwqILigBC8VGRS1oZ0F2VUlmUjg

11bamhiae5yt.png t37nbqy7ad7h.png 106p2wv91y86.png

Interface and control suggestions

Quill's off to a good start with what looks like a very nice vector painting engine and nice, gradual response on the drawing trigger, but I immediately noticed that there were some unused controls. Right-handed configuration here, invert for left-ha...

Quill crashes with alembic export

Hi I've been encountering this problem for sometime. When exporting projects with several layers, Quill freezes and crashes. I've tried exporting layers individually with the same result. The problem seems to occur more often when I imported an image...

rlapham by Explorer
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Trouble importing to Unity

I'm trying to import my exported Quill files (FBX) into Unity and I get this error message.assets/animVrUnityImporter/Timelkine/AnimVRFramesAsset.cs(4,19 : error CS0234 : The type ornamespace name 'Playables' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEng...

Could not open Quill document.

I had this error with my file. I resaved it but that won't work either.Here's a link to the file.https://www.dropbox.com/s/bgkp59hu1k8matp/CJB_Quill.zip?dl=0I think it's due to me using reference images and sticking them together?It would be a shame ...

Feature Request: Gesture Layer Animation [GRAB TOOL]

[Edit: my idea is the same as the Grab tool in AnimVR]Hi, it would be amazing for doing deeper gesture-based animation if we could set a whole layer, or object in the layer to be animated in realtime as we move the selection -- just like we can curre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Star Defender 4

Star Defender 4 is a space shooter attractive with beautiful graphics and rich sound. Players will engage in space battles with monsters scariest.The alien creature is back! It looks like you've beat them completely in the earlier version but Star De...

8 march 2018 Vive Users cant open

cant open Qill anymore.. after the patch. now i have to setup my rift,, but i have a vive. i have bougth qill just 3 days ago,, and i cant use it:( why Facebook why. pls fix that.. this is not fair.but the dreamdeck demo is working.. only

Oculus Gear & Oculus Rift in the same game...

Amazed by GEAR, I just bought a RIFT so I could play as a family in the same VR game.unfortunately, I find that not enough applications are GEAR / RIFT compatible.Notament, my favorite game: VR Casino (poker).This one, is not yet available on RIFT de...

Fbx format

I can Import a 2D file into oculus Quill but by exporting it in. fbx format I lose its textures and colors. When I import this. fbx file into Tilt brush I have only one volume without texture. How to do this? Thanks for helping me out.

Quill won't launch and never has for the past 10 months

Hey guys, I would really like to try Quill and I've had my Rift 10 months but it still doesn't work to this day:It just says:Quill Message:Could not create test write file for pictures at`C\Users\username\Pictures\Quill\quillDummyFile.txtThanks in ad...

Questions about Animation using Quill

Hi, we are trying to do some animations with our Quill project and I saw that Dear Angelica's animations were made procedurally with Unreal. I am wondering why you guys don't use other engines like Unity or Cryengine, does Unreal has some particular ...