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quill was not able to start

Honored Guest

can anyone help? i am using oculus link.  i was running quill just fine then after update i get this error.  here is the debug txt. below.  upon searching for fixes i found info saying detailed error message might help but have not gotten any responses after a week.


Date  : 10:18:24 of Sat 11/3/2022
Memory: 2627 / 7541 Megabytes
CPU   : AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with Radeon Graphics        
Units : 12
Speed : 2994 Mhz
OS    : Windows 10.0
GPU   : Microsoft Basic Display Driver
Screen: 1920 x 1080
Monitors: 1
[Quill(-2)]  Quill build ID 2021-10-17_1
[Quill(-2)]  Reading config file "C:\Users\wisen.LAPTOP-ILNV9L2U\AppData\Local\Quill\\settings.json"...
[Quill(-2)]  3 sound devices
[Quill(-2)]      0: Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)
[Quill(-2)]      1: Speaker (Realtek(R) Audio)
[Quill(-2)]      2: Speakers (2- Focusrite Usb Audio)
[Quill(-2)]  Sound device selected: "Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)", requested "Default"
[Quill(-2)]  Render Texture Size: 1824, 1840
[Quill(-2)]  D:\2_doing\smoothstep\quill\product\engineering\quill_next\exeQuillApp\src\Engine\mymain.cpp::Quill::MainApp::Init (559) :Can't create an OpenGL 4.5 context