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Audio mirroring setting no where to be found and not working via Voicemeeter

Level 2
I've been trying to mirror my rift audio for days without success.

I did it before with Voicemeeter but that doesn't seem to work any more. The audio stops completely when Voicemeeter is launched. I already tried re-installing Voicemeeter and tried out all kinds of audio settings without success.

While searching for a solution I found that the Oculus app should have it's own audio mirroring feature.

However, this feature is no where to be found in the app.

I have an Oculus Rift and I'm running the Oculus app version (

I have opened a support ticket with Oculus but did not receive a reply (yet).

How can this be so complicated? Can anyone help me out here?


Level 2
Obviously, one minute after writing this post I found the solution myself. It seems you have to set the audio output to "Rift Headphones" to see the mirroring settings. I had it on "Use Windows Setting". Check the screenshot.