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Edit: I have created a new thread in the Support category and will likely delete this thread once it is accepted.


I recently received an Oculus Rift as a gift. I was able to set it up and play with it for the first two days. However, on the third day, my computer started having issues with all VR games. After playing a few minutes within them, a blue screen would pop up with the error message of "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL". There haven't been any new software updates, and I have Google'd a fair amount searching for an answer.

I'm very afraid that it's a hardware issue, as I've tried almost everything else. I have sent a support ticket on Oculus' website, and I have talked to 3 different Microsoft Support representatives. All three of theme have attempted different solutions, each one being more drastic than the previous one. I have already tried reinstalling my display adapter, reinstalling the Oculus application (and starting it in compatability mode), and (of course) restarting my computer many times. There aren't any new Windows updates, and nothing pops up from Windows Defender.

The BSOD does not occur outside of a VR game, and I have run a small benchmark tool to try to stress test my GPU/other hardware components and the blue screen did not happen.

What should I do? Was it possible that I damaged my computer the first two days when I was playing VR? (I haven't manually setup anything like overclocking, is it possible for my computer to overclock without me setting that up?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.