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Dark Screen problem with amazing fraustration please some one Help Please me

Level 2
hello all,i am a guy from india ,Last week i brought Oculus Rift+touch via amazon ,Now more then 7 to 10 days i dont know how oculus rift virtual feels ,I keep opening ticket after ticket i connect VR ,make two sensor calibrated almost end of the setting software told me do it from VR put it on ,i did but nothing there its a Black no response .i tried to communicate oculas suppport they told me do some trouble shot disconnect the HDMI cable connected with Oculus but nothing happened as usual Black screen.then they told me to send log file i downloaded it and send them ,after that next day they told ur computer are not comparable with oculus,You need to have a stong computer anyway i checked website oculus ready pc is not available in indian .i went to apple buy A 27 inch imac call Hiseara it cost me $5000 ,after that i inform oculas support and  i faced one more dangerous truth apple dont support oculus ,i almost broken out on oculas person gave me a unoffcial idea to install windows on imac ,The latest imac dont support windows 7 so again i went  bac to apple and install windows 10.Finally yesaterday i requested now please tell guide me instruction  to configure now i have everything except blank pocket.This time he told me you may buy apple hi configure pc but we dont think it will run bcoz oculus dont comfortable with apple hardware it may not work ,i am totally frustrated and look at my oculas i cant even return it amazon said if u return u only get back #$100 as u know import export expense is very high ,I need your Help guys what i suppose to now throw out everything or some one save me

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Honestly, I think you have four options, because I do not think it is going to work with Apple because Oculus does not support it. But you could try using the DisplayPort instead of the HDMI.

What I would do:
1. Return to Amazon pay to have it shipped back, not sure if the cost to ship back is higher
2. Buy a Windows PC that can run Oculus
3. Buy the HTC Vive I think it is compatible with Apple, but double check
4. Sell it to someone that has a PC

Good luck

Level 13
Take the Mac back.  Buy a PC.  You'll be richer and happier because you will have a working Rift.

Level 2
Thanks for Suggestions Guys but you will be happy to know that i able to use it on IMAC .I install windows 10 amd now it running perfectly But i must need to mention  i cant connect Oculus during start the  computer,only when computer is  one connect then,Some time It get hung and reboot probolem but once it started u can see as long u want
so i am not going to take above choice u gave