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Facial Interface Will Not Stay Connected - Potential Fixes?

Level 3
Hey Guys - 

I was an early adopter for the Oculus Rift CV1 and for the past few months have had an annoying issue.  The face interface (which may purposefully be removed) does not stay connected to my headset.  I don't remember if there was any "snap" or "click" when inserting it back when it worked, but now it will fall out simply by picking up the HMD.  Fortunately, wearing the Rift keeps it mostly in place; but my hold it when removing otherwise it will fall out.  I don't see anything broken on the interface itself and assume the issue may be within the HMD. 

Does anyone have suggestions to potentially fix this issue?  To note, I do remember months ago that I found a longer, skinny piece of black plastic with a hook on the end which I thought may have come from the HMD, but unfortunately I cannot find it and don't know if it was related.   I don't mind disassembling if the repair is straightforward - just prefer detailed instructions so I don't make anything worse. 🙂  Hoping to get 3D printer for Christmas which may help, too.

I tried searching for similar issues, but can only get results for folks selling 3rd party interfaces. 

Any information or links are welcome - Thank You!

Level 9

Do you have it fully clicked in? It's similiar to the Quest FI, and I found you have to press it in quite firmly for it to snap in.

Also, are you sure it's not damaged/ worn. If it is, you could use some sort of light adhesive, like blu-tac, to hold it in place.

Alternatively, you can purchase an aftermarket facial interface here:

Good luck!

Level 3
Thanks, but tried both suggestions already.  Have tried to click it in each time I use it for months plus have purchased 2 aftermarket interfaces. 

Does anyone know of pictures or schematics showing components of HMD that hold it in place?  I've found teardowns of a CV1 online, but none that show that component.