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Graphic card at 70%...

Honored Guest
Hi, I've a Gigabyte 1070 and intel 6600k, and the video card stay always on 70% of the power (i see it with cpuid hwmonitor and in Gigabyte extreme gaming engine) in oculus home with med o high texture with 60% on performance Headroom, video card always down 60° degrees. Why i can't use the card at full power? I've been tried with a clean driver installation and clean Oculus install, but always at 65-70% of the power. I have used the card with non-VR games or bench and it arrives always at 100%.

Thank You, Alessio

Heroic Explorer
70% of your power used while in Oculus Home, with a +60% performance headroom value means that you're GPU is operating normally. Oculus Home isn't really graphically intensive, so as with the rest of the 1000-series Nvidia cards yours is downclocking and conserving energy because it is able to produce your desired output (Oculus Home @ 90 fps with +60% perf. headroom, meaning there still is more the GPU can take on) without needing more than what it is already drawing (70% of max power).

If it does this in other VR games besides Oculus Home (especially more graphically intense ones), causing the games framerate to stutter and lag, make sure your power settings in Nvidia Control Panel are set to "Prefer Maximum Performance" under "3D settings." This setting in theory should make the card operate at the higher clocks whenever an application stresses it, but while changing the setting does work to an extent, I have seen my card still operate at the lower 70%-of-max-power setting on occasion.

PC Specs:
Intel i7-6700k @ 4.5 Ghz
Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3 Motherboard
16 GB CAS-10 RAM @ 2400 MHz
Startech 4-port/4-USB controller add-on card
850W Corsair HX850 PSU
4-Sensor, Roomscale Setup

Also remember that this will make your gpu run hotter as well.