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Home Retro Console - Custom Cartridges?

Level 4
I've only had my Oculus Rift for a few days now and I'm loving it. I like the home lobby thing where I can setup items showcasing purchases in my Library. Then, I find out I can upload custom models to show as well (getting ready to tinker with). I also really like the novelty of having a small retro console with game cartridges that will actually launch games from my library. This got me wondering, could we be able to create our own game cartridges for VR games not in our Libary? Like, Skyrim VR that I have purchased on Steam? Like a configuration file that associates a model (game cartridge with custom logo) with a command to run an executable when used with the VR retro console.

I know Steam has their own VR room thing going on, but they don't have all the neat features Oculus has.

Level 12
Would be a nice feature. Although walking over to my console and loading a cartridge is a bit long winded. The novelty wears off quick when you can just launch most games from menu (including Skyrim)

Level 3
Yeah it would be pretty cool to have custom cartridges. Hopefully someone figures it out.