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I'm Extremely Disappointed With The Rift S

Level 2
So its been about 4 weeks since i had my rift s now and i first started running into issues about day 2 when guardian would randomly reset and ask me to draw it again every few days or so but i shrugged it off as sorta no big deal then when i was putting on a vr cover a week ago i noticed a small crack in the plastic of the headband and was a bit worried about it and wondered if it shipped that way since i had been so careful with the headset and barely even move in it all that much but i did find out you could get a replacement headband so i decided to leave it be for as long as i can before i need to get a replacement and then today the headset wouldn't connect to my pc and after hours of trying to figure out what was wrong i found out theres a short in my cable right where the cable bends down on the little plastic piece connected to the side of the headband and after finding out a replacement cord is $80 i been really disappointed especially with all the issue i been having while only having it for a month. im not sure what to do at this point since i dont wanna spend all this money on replacement parts that are gonna keep going out like this . i been looking into the reverb g2 for my next headset but i dont know how it stacks up with durability and what not guess only time will tell.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @Kylerh15 if you haven't already, reach out via a Support ticket here. Pictures of the section of the cable where you're experiencing issues, as well as the headband crack would be appreciated so we can look into options. - Principe