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It´s Out of Stock

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It´s out of stock will it be back if so when

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Likely combination of demand and the Coronavirus affecting shipments coming out of China.

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I wanna know too, i ordered my Rift S before new year and i got message i will get it like.. in 2 months :neutral: bruh

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My question is if oculus will continue selling the rift s cuz there is verry low stock in europe and im kinda worried that theyre going to stop

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I was going to order the rift s today and everywhere, including your online store is sold out. Is there any word on when more will be available? 

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When will the rift S be back in stock ? ....... You can't buy it anywhere right now 
I put an order in on the 19th this month (Feb) and was supposed to get it the 26th (today) and it still hasn't shipped and that's from Amazon but I go to the official Oculus website and all it says is unavailable and that it's not available in the U.S at this time so how long  production take before retailers start getting product again ? Should I just cancel order ?

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Unfortunately China is still on pause because of the Corona virus. God knows how much longer it will go on for. And when production does resume, there will be a big backlog of orders to get through.

There are a few Quests and Rifts out there for sale from independent sellers. But some people are asking 50% more than retail. There's also some used Rift S' around if you hunt for them.

I'm curious as to why you want a Rift S over a Quest. They're great hmds and all, but the Quest can do the job of a Rift S now. And they even use the same controllers. Although the Rift S would be much lighter.

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cant believe no one knows when this thing will be in stock

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i cant believe they're not giving updates to when it will be back in stock

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TheAmes said:

i cant believe they're not giving updates to when it will be back in stock

Probably because they don't know - also due to the Corona virus situation in China, which affects production - these hmds (and Index) are made in China. 

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the Rift S is out of stock when will it be back ? i ordered mine off of amazon the 19th for 400$ and it never shipped it was expected to ge to me the 26th its now the 27th and come to find out its unavailable why aren't we at least getting an update to when it will be back in stock ?