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Looking for a nice RPG/Adventure style game

Level 5
Greetings guys,

I really love my Oculus and the VR world, though i am looking for a nice adventure game, RPG style, wish there was MMORPG games on there. 😞 The only one i know that would fit this, is Skyrim VR, but unfotunately, with the years i gave ZoS/Bathisda my money for my time passed in Elder Scroll Online, and the amount spend on game items and anniversary purchases i gave enugh to that company, not to mention the price and, the conflict with Oculus. So i want something as an advanture, kinda relaxing, not entirely poluted by puzzles, i liek puzzles once in awhile, but not every room i get in or evey steps i walk. Something to make it different from the many, many first psrson shooters i own. I'm planning to get Moss, but it never gets on special 😞 I've completed Mage's Tale, Chronos and Edge of Nowhere in those kinda style.

Any ques appreciated. 🙂


Level 7

Doum76 said:

wish there was MMORPG games on there

You may be interested in this:

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Hey there,
I probably shouldn't say that, but if money is the issue for Skyrim VR, there is the crack solution.

For the rest, you might be interested in OrbusVR. The graphics may be quite repulsive, but if you can stand that, it's a complete MMORPG (with a lot of players, a big map, a lot of items, and a SAO-style UI).

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Robinson:The Journey was a nice one play through.