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Multiple instances of right Touch controller?

Level 5
I'm getting this.
No ill effects that I notice, but it's not cool either way.
Clicking the inactive ones shows garbled serial numbers, and they are impossible to remove.
Windows' device manager shows nothing out of the normal.
Anyone else?


Level 2
Same... Not sure what the deal is

Level 2
For some reason my comment got posted twice. Anyway, it is exactly the same. I also have four right touch controllers, only one of which is showing the battery indicator

Level 5
Well, at least I'm not the only one.

Level 12
This has been reported by several people in the main PTC 1.38 release thread.

You're lucky you only have 4...............

Posted by @RattyUK


i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - Rift CV1 + 3 Sensors - 1 minor problem
Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 10
I have 14 now...


No other issues, just 'rabbit' right controllers 😄
PC info: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, MSI MPG X570 Edge, 16GB Tforce Pro Dark DDR4 3200, KFA2 RTX 2080 Super, Samsung 870 Pro M.2, 2x 240GB SSD, 3TB WD Green HDD & 4 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD, Antec Modular 750w PSU, custom watercooling loop. (Win 10 Pro & Opensuse Leap 15.1 Linux) 32" AOC 4K Monitor.
Rift S
Laptop: Aorus X5 V6-CF1 (I7-6820HK, GTX 1070, 2* 256GB M.2 NVME, 1TB 7200 HDD)

Level 2
Any solution?

Level 3
I only have one extra right controller, here is my thread.

Level 3
I have this issue as well. When it happens you get a flat battery critical error and it locks out the headset. To get things going had to remove batteries from controllers and reboot and then each time it happens you get new right controllers that can’t be removed 
it seems to only happen if the controllers are left on without being touched for a few minutes (maybe triggered by some sort of standby or power saving mode)
One time I only activated the left controller and it still threw a flat right controller battery error even though it didn’t even have a battery in it and it had not been connected 
if actively using them (beatsaber)  I don’t have an issue. As I mostly do sim racing the controllers sit on the side with no batteries in at the moment 
i raised a ticket and now waiting on a response 
this seems a pretty new issue and no-one else had posted anything
So In a way I am glad it’s not just me... it may get more focus.
will give it a week or so but will take the lot back the shop to swap for another if there is no resolution soon. Have 30days to do that... after that it will mean having to chase oculus themselves for a replacement not something I really want to have to do

not  the only issue I have though.
also can’t start games from within steam. headset goes black and the orange light comes on. Then when it comes up there is no tracking and the image stays fixed. Found starting steam games from the oculus library fixes this.

also the white flashes are annoying 

Apart from that I love its step up from the cv1. Shame about the sound but I knew that before buying...

Level 2
I have the same problem. I keep getting the same error about flat battery critical error which is crashing any app I am running. This is so frustrating.