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My Oculus keeps crashing

Level 2
i got my Oculus Rift S yesterday for my BDay and i try launching the Oculus desktop app to use it but it just keeps crashing and restarting over again,

on the OVRLibraryService its just 

[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] Starting up OVRLibraryService v1.16.0.0.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] Starting up.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] IPC connection opened.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] App libraries for this user: [CORE_DATA]
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] IPC thread running; waiting for Oaf to connect.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] OVRLibraryService starting in service mode.  Arguments: [migrate, enable-uwp]
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] IPC connection established!
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] Creating NTFS transaction.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:22 AM] Adding UWP permissions to Oculus directory.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:24 AM] Committing changes.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:24 AM] IPC connection destroyed.
[Debug] [8/2/2020 8:37:24 AM] Exiting with code 0 (Success).

over and over again

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @DeputyCDJ can you try re-running the setup to repair the software. If you continue to have issues, try reinstalling it and then if it remains, reach out via Support here for additional assistance. - Principe