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Need advice on buying prescription lenses for Rift S !

Level 2
I'm mostly far-sighted, and have a minor prescription for that, but have a heavy prescription for reading up close.
Without wearing glasses, the image on the Rift S is kind of fuzzy, but not terrible. I'm sure it could be sharper.
Anyone have a recommendation here ? Would i need lenses for seeing far away or up close ? And what company sells good quality lenses for the Rift S ? 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The image in the Rift-S has its focus somewhere between 1 and 1.5 metres.

Glasses with a prescription that help you focus at that distance should work well in the headset if you wanted to go that route instead of lens inserts. A major improvement with the S over some other designs in the amount of room for glasses, so that's what I do.

We haven't had many posts about lens insterts for the Rift-S and I suspect that's because people wear glasses more with it but others may be able to give more advice about lens inserts.

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Level 2
Thanks, I just dont like the hassle of always putting on glasses...the ones I use to read, dont really help much at knowing its a 1-1.5 m focal distance is maybe something I could work out with my optometrist.