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Not enough c drive space

Honored Guest
i tried to install the oculus setup but it says it doesn't have enough space in the c drive then i go to the link they provided to me for trouble shoot stuff and it said to [drive]:\Downloads\OculusSetup /drive=[new system drive] and i have now clue what to do please help if you want to message me on discord ill do that thanks my discord # is 1376

Heroic Explorer

Even more detailed instuctions:
  1. Write "file explorer" to windows search tool* and hit enter
  2. In window which opens go to drop down menu on left and locate "This PC". Then click it.
  3. Now you are able to see your drives and their available space. System is usually on C-drive, but you might also have other drives. If you do, look and remember the drive letter of the drive you want to use for your Oculus application.
  4. In that same window or on drop down menu, locate icon which says "Downloads". Right click that and choose "properties". Then go to "Location tab" and look where your computer saves the downloads. It is usually "c:\downloads". Remember what it says and press "cancel"-button.
  5. Now go to and download the software (save to disk, to your downloads folder).
  6. Wait for download to complete
  7. From your keyboard press left windows key + "r"-button. This will open run program dialog.
  8. In to that dialog enter [drive]:\Downloads\OculusSetup /drive=[new system drive] where [drive]:\Downloads is the line you gathered on step 4 and [new system drive] is the letter you gathered on step 3.
  9. After you think you got it right, press enter to confirm and to start the installation.
Example line for step 8: C:\Downloads\OculusSetup /drive=D

*) search tool is on bottom left corner right next to the "start"-icon