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Oculus Home - Custom Room Downloads?

Hello, I was hoping to get some tips on custom objects for Oculus Home. I've imported a few custom items and a few that are animated. I was hoping to get some help with custom rooms. I've gotten most of my objects from Sketchfab, but most architecture models are buildings viewable from the outside or realistic photographic models of real homes (Victorian Home with Decor for example). I've checked out a few homes from players and even saw one that was basically a town from World of Warcraft.

My question is "Is there a website that has a good repository of Room Models that works well with Oculus Home?" I mostly just want more space to have larger objects. My walls are covered in Achievements in games and I've resorted to placing some on the ceiling.

Also, some models I try to import don't work correctly. I sometimes see a message saying something about looking for "GlTF errors." I guess something breaks when converting to .glb format. An example of one I've had problems with would be this animated Catwoman model (Wanted to liven up the room with an animated Catwoman as I love the Batman Arkham Series videogames).

Additionally, if I found an interior model of a home I wanted to try, would Oculus Home even detect any wall collisions or that I'm even standing on a floor?