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Oculus Quest and Rift S for Higher Education

Honored Guest
So far there have been some amazing apps that are available for some of our patrons at the University that have gotten them really excited about VR. I wanted to share some common questions and see if the community has some answers.

1. Will we see some of the educational apps for the Rift available for the Oculus Quest?
2. Will the OQ have the ability to project to a large screen to accommodate large groups viewing a VR experience.
3. Can there be an Education Tab on the Oculus App main page that breaks down standard post-secondary fields of study? Topics such as Social Science, Science, Humanities, Design, Engineering, etc.

Expert Protege
Hi Libsis
Maybe my vision is different of others VR developers but I think that VR Educational games will have more success than entertainment ones and more with the Quest release.
There are many people who are not interested in a VR game but there are many people who could benefit from VR projects,  learn by playing, interacting and collaborating to achieve the Educational game objectives
Hopefully that Oculus share my vision too !!!
Best Regards

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I do not think that the demand for educational games will be much higher than for entertainment, but the potential is enormous. Just in one of the review of the paperell on EssayExplorer, as an example of the work, it was said about the education of students through exciting games and at the same time how difficult it is to organize such things on a large scale financially. Well, this idea will work great for general developmental subjects.

I came here looking for this. I just bought a quest to use in my classroom. While there are some things available at the moment, a quick check over to the GO store or Rift and there are tons more. I hope that you will be making those as well as more items available for use in a classroom environment. 

Honored Guest

Honored Guest
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