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Oculus Rift HDMI Not detected for 5 seconds

Level 2
Randomly, in the middle of my game oculus decides it doesn't want to see my HDMI cable. I then go to the software, look in devices, wait a few seconds and all of a sudden it's found the headset again. But in that 5 seconds it has:
1) Crashed all my games
2) Crashed every software depending on it
3) Froze the headset
4) Pissed me off.
The HDMI cable isn't loosely connected, jumping in and out of the port making my computer think it's not there so I don't know whats going on

Level 7
If you are running more than 1 monitor, try disabling all but 1 monitor, reboot, then play for a while. I had problems like the ones you described - intermittent HDMI disconnects and program crashes. My system runs fine when I run on 1 monitor. Its obviously just a work around until they fix the actual problem, but at least I don't get as pissed anymore now knowing how to be able to play.