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Oculus Rift S: A great, but extremely unreliable product

Honored Guest
Every single time I have ever used the oculus, it has something wrong: the controllers won't connect, the headset won't track, the cables aren't registering, etc. All are easy to fix, but it is so annoying that it has never worked consistently in the year that I've had it. I also had to send it in for a replacement after 3-5 months of troubleshooting, and only having it for about a month. Out of the approximately 15 months I've had the product, I've only really been able to use it for about 6. However, when it does work, it works very well, apart from the fact that sometimes, when playing games like Beat Saber, the batteries will get dislodged occasionally. Just save up and buy a vive instead. As a side note, some program on my computer would interfere with the oculus app so almost every day, when something would break, and I would restart my computer, I would have to completely uninstall the oculus software and reinstall it.

Agree. Actually not only Rift S. All Oculus devices are like that: looks good, but random software problem can happen anytime. Just this afternoon my right controller of my Oculus Quest lost positional tracking for few seconds when I was playing Beat Saber. This kind of issue is minor, but very annoying. 

Yes those damn forced updates is bad for business and this is why. Unless there is a security issue, the forced updates do cause stability issues more often  than not.