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Oculus Rift S and/or Oculus Link working on Radeon FirePro WX 7100?

Level 2
This will be a bit of an odd setup, but I'm currently trying to help my college get VR headsets running for their game design program. Their machines are Dell Precisions(can't even begin to think what specific model off the top of my head.) with Radeon FirePro WX 7100. These cards are listed as VR workflow cards by AMD. I was doing my test with Oculus Link (I don't own a Rift or Rift S), so my results aren't the most reliable, but Oculus' software showed that the machines were not VR ready.

My question is does anyone have a 7100, or at least had a Rift running off of one before? My number one suspect for the poor performance would be Oculus Link, but the school is talking about buying new graphics cards and I wanted to see if anyone has had luck with a 7100.

Oh, and the rest of the components of the machines should be plenty to run VR. I'm running my setup at home off a five year older version Dell Precision that the school recently replaced, the only thing I upgraded was the graphics card. 

Level 2
Did you ever get this working?  I have a WX7100 and just bought a quest 2.